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My Confetti Moon Beautiful lines & sky :))

Satoshi T Thank you @My Confetti Moon!

Chino Ah Zenkoji! My favorite temple in Japan. My host father and host brother are priests at the 本堂 in Nagano. :)

Beautiful shot of the roof!

Satoshi T Your host father and brother are great :) . In fact, It is not a most famous Zenkoji at Nagano but is at Omote-sando , Tokyo. There are many "branch" of Zenkoji temple in Japan! Thank you @Chino !

jokele CC: removing the tree and cable on the left side and a bit more cropping on the botton, so the roof in the front is removed, for a perfect symmetry.

jokele I like the negative space in this image!

Satoshi T In fact, I hesitated to remove them on LR or not. Thank you @jokele for your opinion. Next time, I try to crop and to make more simple! :)

Satoshi T Danke!

Magda Ko I love traditional architecture in Japan. I am happy to see it

Satoshi T Thank you @Magda , I will keep it up.

Roman Czarny Wooooooooooooow

Satoshi T Thank you @Roman !

bvphotosnap Great roof lines!!

Satoshi T Thank you @bvphotosnap !

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