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Rohini It does have a calming effect. I love the composition; the pink of the cherry blossoms and the calmness of the temple.

tania Very soft Satoshi

vera Very nice details of the flowers and the roof... :)

My Confetti Moon Beautifully balanced :)

Jennifer I found that the temples in Japan gave me the same feeling of calm while I was there. It was well needed in the midst of traveling all around the country.

This photo seems a bit dark. Is there any way to make it a little bit brighter? It might just be because it was an overcast day or something. I'd be interested in seeing a softer lighting here that might bring out the cherry blossoms' color a bit more.

Satoshi T Jennifer thank you for your point out. I might be too conscious of the theme word "calm". I thought that cherry tree is in full bloom, brightness make the mood too exaltation... so I dropped the exposure a little. Taking advantage of your valuable opinion on my next pic. Thank you !

Jennifer Ahhh, I understand your thoughts then! For me, the bright colors when I was there still made me feel calm, very peaceful, because nature is just so alive and beautiful. ^.^ Maybe dropping the saturation a little rather than the exposure would keep it bright enough without being overwhelmingly colorful or bright?

Roman Czarny Impressive - nothing bad I can not add ;-)

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