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Margie Makes me want to be around a campfire. Your photo looks very inviting.

bvphotosnap Great perspective! A beautiful scene, love the deep greens and the roaring campfire! :) Enjoy your camping trip!!

minimisio Ahhhhh nature, nature...and coffee that's what I love too :) Wonderful!

WK Fan Drink Starbucks when camping! Why not beers?

My Confetti Moon Lol it was early morning @W.K. Fan I'll try work on that beer pic 😉

craig Ah nice!

Amarnath Shiva I agree with Brenda. Perspective is great with beautiful location in the background

Tomasz Dolata The best that can be a coffee morning :)

Shawn I love camping and this is the best time to go!

rick Wake up and breakfast over a campfire, the best. Nice photo, brings back good memories.

elenagutga Nice contrast! Have fun! :)