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Margie This is a FABULOUS capture. I can only imagine how difficult it was to obtain. What a wonderful family you must have and I am happy for your fortune in being part of that. And I think maybe the center....

My Confetti Moon Thanks for such wonderful words @Margie; much gratitude to you! I think we each have found our spot within the family & have learned to accept each other's strengths & shortcomings realizing in the end we balance or round each other out :)

bvphotosnap Great action shot! That's so awesome that you and your family can still enjoy each other! :)

Ron Dadoo nice hollidays! :-)

craig Great action shot!

Tomasz Dolata Great photo of action !!!

Amarnath Shiva wonderful action pic. It must be very wonderful experience

My Confetti Moon Thanks! @Amarnath Its a wonderful forget about everything else ride :)

Satoshi T Wow, It's so adventurous!

My Confetti Moon It is truly do-able by anyone that is of regular physical conditioning- it's wearing the safety gear, keeping aware & paddling. If you fall out - feet up, float mummy style until pushed to a flat rock, shore or scooped up by another raft @Satoshi

jokele Cool action shot!

Roman Czarny The dramatic and full of movement even specially suitable