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Tomasz Dolata Cool climatic pictures with descriptions :)

My Confetti Moon A big thx to you! @Tomasz

Margie Lots of great interest and color in this one!

craig Love this, it has a north of Scotland feel to it! The 'Over the Falls' kayak competition and Buckwheat festival sounds like fun!

My Confetti Moon It truly draws the nicest people of all ages & backgrounds which is part of the draw for us @craig plus those crazy stunt loving competitors! We have never traveled Scotland yet but it is on our bucket list! The nearest we have come to you is England a year ago but we traveled south thru Europe. We totally enjoy your posts, which feed our traveling bug! 😄 (an unexpected tookapic plus!)This past summer we hosted our sons wedding at our home & next summer we travel to China with our son/daughter law as her parents host their Chinese wedding. We hope 2018 has us back to our travel wish-list!

bvphotosnap What a marvelous photo with lots of fun to be had!

Amarnath Shiva I liked the perspective.