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NitaR Lovely! I've never seen these before.

NitaR Lovely! I've never seen these before nor have I seen a sweet gum tree.

Margie You made such a nice photo of these. I struggle with my sweetgum tree because the little seedpods are everywhere and shoot out from my mower! I have sprayed the pods with gold metallic paint before and they can be very ornamental at Christmas!

My Confetti Moon Oh wow @Margie shooting from underneath a mower would have them become a form of weaponry! They do make a great craft item :)

Shawn No fun to step on but a wonderful thing to draw, or photograph.

bvphotosnap A very interesting shape and texture which you have beautifully composed!!

craig Amazing I have not seen these before!

My Confetti Moon The Sweetgum is a native Ohio tree so very popular around here @craig

Amarnath Shiva Beautiful texture of the sweetgum

Tomasz Dolata interesting :) have an interesting structure!!!