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1 year
2 years
3 years

craig What a great shot!

My Confetti Moon Thank you, he was very cooperative 😀 @craig

bvphotosnap Beautiful sea turtle and great capture of him gliding in the aquarium!

My Confetti Moon Thx @bvphotosnap he seemed very inquisitive at all of staring in at him, maybe it was close to feeding time 😊

Margie Super capture! I know how hard a shot that was!

My Confetti Moon Thx so much! @Margie Actually the difficult part was trying to get a good clear shot because of all the children pressing upon the glass lol

Amarnath Shiva Great shot with full great details

Tomasz Dolata Beautiful, interesting how old he is :)

My Confetti Moon Buddy is 8 yrs old @Tomasz he was found as a hatchling with part of his left front flipper missing. It is suspected a predator unsuccessfully attempted to gobble him

Roman Czarny Fantastic and amazing photo

NitaR Great capture! I love the colours and textures.

elenagutga Just beautiful!!