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Joe Roberto Congrats and thank you for building Tookapic!

tania Congratulations Pawel ! And thank you again ! Leading the site and doing your own project must be a daily challenge. BRAVO

v agnès Congratulations and thank you for offering us Tookapic:-)

Satoshi T Congratulations Pawel for completing your great 730 pics project on this awesome site and community!

tigg I met up with a friend from Hong Kong today who has been a digital friend on blipfito for three years or more. She was enthusing over blip, what a wonderful thing Joe had done (the founder) but when I said that there were a number of other photo-a-day sites she was astounded. Story proves something ..... not quite sure what ...... Congratulations anyway!

Chen YiZhou Congrats and thank you for creating Tookapic!

vera Congrats Pawel! An ordinary day perhaps... but sometimes it's rewarding to mark it and to gauge how far we have come, and all the experience gained! ;-)

Magda Korzewska Well said! Congratulations Paweł.

Jule Congrats and thanks so much for this awesome site!

Ewa Kudlaty Paweł, big respect and Congratulations!

agnieszka bladzik i like this simple photo for third year :)

Romanos Kalamatianos Congratulations

Boczek Congratulations! I really like the summary which You wrote :)

Kateli I'm your fan !!! Love your photos and your perseverance ! I'm going to try and follow you !

Ian Prince Maybe that's exactly why tookapic is so very it makes making the unspecial special. Thank you for that.

Steve Karg Congratulations on another year of great photos - especially of your little boy and your steadfast wife. Keep up the good work!

Jesse Lind Eyy!! Totally missed this! Congrats!!! :) :)

Małgorzata Czarniakowska Congratulations Pawel!

Wanda Lisiecka Congrats :) Well done ;)

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