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Margie That is a golden memory. Lovely tribute.

bvphotosnap That is beautiful, both the memory and the image!

craig What lovely memories!

NitaR Beauty! One of my favourite trees.

jokele Nice colors and tribute.

m_rudziewicz nice one!

Tomasz Dolata Well it has done :) cool that looked like the picture on the wall of this photo :)

My Confetti Moon Thank to all of you for your nice sentiments & likes; all of which are always appreciated! Thx @Margie, @bvphotosnap, @craig, @NitaR, @jokele, @Amarnath, @m_rudziewicz, @Tomasz

Michael Gatton Ginkos abound on the NYC streets, and parks, they are brilliant and here such a nice contrast with the native deciduous leaves...

My Confetti Moon beautiful parks I must say!