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bvphotosnap Wow, very cool and great info! :)

My Confetti Moon Happy you enjoyed it @bvphotosnap thx!

Roman Czarny Not quite that fantastic picture is still great story

My Confetti Moon Thank you @Roman yep, was suppose to be in position to quickly transfer vase to reduction tank but I wanted a quick pic!

Margie I can't wait to see what you create next! Interesting caption.

My Confetti Moon Thx @Margie! I am torn between photos & pottery; currently my interest is tilting more on the pottery side I admit.

Margie Don't leave Tookapic!!!!! Of course, I don't have any other creative endeavors except cooking and maybe a little needlepoint! I have to work at bringing out a little creativity in myself. You are a true talented natural.

craig Superb!

My Confetti Moon Thanks so much! @craig

Satoshi T It seems very very hot.

My Confetti Moon Extremely hot @Satoshi And we had to quickly transfer the vases with special tongs into a reduction chamber to finish the desired outcome.

NitaR Wow! I've always wanted to try this but I have to limit all the various creative endeavours I take on. I'll look forward to seeing pieces you make!

My Confetti Moon Thank you @NitaR I totally understand your comment & as I shared with Margie at the moment I'm being pulled to pottery which is my all time fav

Tomasz Dolata Great idea !!!

My Confetti Moon Thx! @Tomasz Each firing is like Christmas morning; never know what you will get lol!