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Artur Łobocki Congratulations @Hanna . Is it time to celebrate? Of course it is. Your project is incredible, combine a great ideas and beautiful pics!

Hanna G. Artur
dziękuję za miłe słowa - cieszę się, że podobają Ci się moje zdjęcia choć daleko im do doskonałości

v agnès Congratulations!

Hanna G. thanks a lot

Magda Korzewska Hania big, big congratulations! I hope to see your beautiful pictures tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and .... Cheers! You did a great job!

m_rudziewicz Congratulations and cheers!

Hanna G. thank you very much @m_rudziewicz

jayce Congrats Hanna, you can be proud of your shots and achievements

Hanna G. thank you
I am proud of my photos although much was missing to perfection

Roman Czarny Congratulations Hanna!!!!

Hanna G. thanks a lot

Ana Congratulations @Hanna it was (it is) a great pleasure to watch your photos!

Hanna G. thank you @Ana
I'm glad that you like my photos

vera Congratulations Hanna! You made, make beauuuutiful pics!!!!! And I love your humor! I hope to see you tomorrow!

Hanna G. thank you @vera
I'm very glad that you like my sense of humor

Satoshi T I learned the lighting from your unique style still life photos. and I 've impressed from your photos in your garden and nature, especially great macro and droplets! Gratulacje Hania!

Hanna G. @Satoshi
thank you for your kind words
I'm really glad that you appreciate my work (although my photos aren't perfect - I'm still learning)

Margie Oh my goodness, Your description makes me feel teary. I am sorry for your sad and difficult times and must tell you that I feel you are one of my role models in Tookapic and in life even though you are a lot younger than I. Your soul, your kindness, your gorgeous nature photo talents make you a true standout in many ways. Congratulations on your beautiful accomplishment. I hope you continue on.

Hanna G. @Margie
Your words moved me - thank you very much

last days are for me a very sad time - my beloved Irma is gone

but ... I'm not as young as you think and who knows maybe even older than you ...

I think how old you are is not important - it is important what we have in mind, in heart, in soul .... and in my case there was still a young girl

I have three doughters and two sons in low, and four grandsons - hmmm ... do you still think I'm young .... I think I am

My Confetti Moon Cheers! to you & your outstanding work & gallery 😄 Congrats!!!

Hanna G. thank you very much @My

bvphotosnap YAY!!!! Congrats on completing your project and sharing your year in images with us!! :D

Ewa Kudlaty Congratulations Hanna!! It was pleasure to wait for your daily pic. Wonderful project!

Hanna G. thank you @Ewa
i'm really glad that you like my photos
Your projekt is wonderful, too

marie Congrats!! Wonderful job!!

Hanna G. thank you @marie

Ron Dadoo congratulations Hanna G! Cicerøn and Ron have much popular images and comments! especially do not leave your camera rust!

Hanna G. thank you @Cicérøn
thank you @Ron
I'll try to find a beautiful rust for you

tania Oh yes it is ! Well done Hanna ! Hope you didn't drink everything !

I hope you've had more pleasure than sadness... and I wish you all the best for the next few days.

Hanna G. thank you @tania
hmmmm ... if I drank alone I'd probably be dead ....

Magda Parkitna Congratulations @hanna!

Hanna G. thank you very much Magda

Amarnath Shiva Congratulations @Hanna . Your pics are always an inspirations.

Hanna G. thank you very much @Amarnath

noun Waw congratulations Hanna for these beautiful work all over this year! Thank you to show us every days a great pic! I love your work.

Hanna G. thanks a lot for your kind words @noun

Katarzyna Wielochowska Well done - CONGRATULATIONS!

Lucjan Lubaszka Congratulations Hanna!!!!

Anita Miszczyk Brawo! Przez ten rok odwaliłaś kawał porządnej roboty i niewątpliwie wyrobiłaś sobie na tej stronie markę. :) Jak widzę Twoje zdjęcia, to od razu wiem, kto jest autorem! Mistrzyni zbliżeń. Gdy już uda mi się odłożyć na odpowiedni obiektyw, to właśnie z Twoich fot będę się uczyć takie robić. :)

Hanna G. Anita
dzięki za takie słowa uznania ale nie jestem pewna sobie zasługuję - mam wrażenie, że nic jeszcze nie potrafię i ciągle się uczę

ale i tak bardzo się cieszę, że podobają Ci się moje zdjęcia - jestem maniakiem zdjęć makro a krople wody to moja obsesja

życzę szybkiego zakupu dobrego obiektywu do zdjęć makro

azral sorry ;) i missed the end of your first project on tookapic. big congrats and... can't wait for the next 365 :D

Hanna G. thanks a lot @azral
I realize the second project - who knows, I may succeed ....

Małgorzata Czarniakowska Congratulations Hanna!!! Yes, it is time to celebrate. :) I am a fan of Your beautiful pictures, especially wonderful macro. Hope to see a lot more!

Steve Karg Congratulations on completing 365 days!

Hanna G. thanks a lot @Steve

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