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Kazziz it's not a selfie, it's a self portrait. I see the difference here.

Kateli What do you think of the EPL-8 ? I've got the EPL-7 and I'd like to get the new OMD EM-1 mark 2 in the new year. Have you been able to try that one out ?

Paweł Kadysz I played with the E-M1 Mark II for several hours. This is a completely different league. It's a Pro camera (with capital P). Don't get me wrong, but I think it's an overkill for anyone on tookapic.

E-PL8 is fine, but it's basically the same as E-PL7. The only change is the design.

Kateli Even for a frustrated tookapicer who finds her focus on the EPL-7 too slow ?? ;O)

Kazziz It's like talking about buying a McLaren, Ferrari or Bugatti Veyron when Your VW Golf 1.4 is too slow. Really, E-M1 Mark II is an overkill. I'm a bit sorry cause Olympus does not have anything in between - in terms of AF speed E-M5 Mark II is quite similar to E-PL7 (it's just one generation ahead), only the E-M1 serie makes a huge difference.
For me now first E-M1 or GX80/G80 from Panasonic would be a nice leap in AF speed, but I've got to test them a bit and compare with my E-M10 Mark II (or anything new I get to in my hands in the same time) to know for sure :)

Kateli Please let me know what you think of these cameras !
And thank you so much for this extra info !

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