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Ian Prince A pity you didn't have the 7-14 I've just borrowed from Vera. That said, I still really like the photo, especially the gray/yellow/red tones.

Paweł Kadysz I just remembered I had 14-42 that came with the E-PL8 for testing. Oh well.

Kazziz still RX100 is wider and brighter...

Paweł Kadysz About the same. The M.Zuiko is 14mm at f/3.5, which is an equivalent of about 28mm. And RX100's Zeiss lens is 9mm which is about 24mm. And since I shot this at f/4.0 - the M.Zuiko would do the job pretty good. And it's not about the lens, I think. It's about processing the image. The ones from Olympus are just more vivid.

Kazziz they are - but I have to admit (tested with 14-42 II R I own, and also EZ Pancake version I owned) that Olympus kit lens colours are worse that the ones from primes. Well, coating costs.
Still, You've got the point - try to make use of E-PL8 and 14-42 lens when You have them :)

Margie Much of this discussion eludes me since I just have a good point and shoot. I am impressed by the precise sharpness in the capture especially with all the windows!

tigg Interesting you mention the E PL8 here, as I have just been through every post you have done since you mentioned that you had it to test. I think you have not used it for any shot you have posted here. Any specific reason why not? Maybe just not had it with you at the right time ....

Paweł Kadysz I've been using it almost every day. Just not for the pics I post here. Main reason is I can't develop RAW files from it and I don't feel like posting sooc jpgs.

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