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Margie Very striking and against the November sky!

Romain not bad at all... but for me a little to bright ;-)

My Confetti Moon Hmm I did ponder that issue but swung with this since leaves so dark & also to enhance texture 😊

Tomasz Dolata Great, great to look like a painting on the wall!

Roman Czarny Perfect example of the theme of the week and the essence of autumn

NitaR I love the vivid colours and the sharpness of the edges!

Casey Okay....that is pretty cool!

bvphotosnap Wonderful themed image with nice textures!

craig Very nice and a great theme shot!

Amarnath Shiva Very beautiful

My Confetti Moon Thanks & appreciation to all! @Margie, @Romain, @Tomasz, @Roman, @NitaR, @Casey, @bvphotosnap, @craig, @Amarnath I am enjoying a wonderful smile upon my face 😊