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Romain ... great picture... one picture tell more then 1000 words!

Aneta Muszkiewicz Nice pic! I like your photos of Japanese culture and everyday life :D

bvphotosnap Impressive!!

Piotr Łaskawski impressive order, great picture:)

Katrina Yu I love how this picture is projecting so many meanings!! Great capture Satoshi despite being in a heavy human traffic.

Magda Korzewska I would love to queue for Yamamoto line train today as well.

WK Fan Really hard to believe that just a few minute delay can cause this happen.

Margie Such an interesting capture.

Kazzi You (plural) are like a perfectly oiled gears in a machine, that can exceed anything and anyone in precision.

NitaR Wow! So many people! In comparison I live in the wilds of Canada. Calgary population is 1.2 million and that feels too busy to me. Great shot Satoshi!

jayce Great shot, I like so much your Japanese life pictures. People look naturally disciplined, same scene in my country would be a big mess 😊

Mama Dinozaura I think that it would be a big mess not only in France😉

jayce Yes for sure 😉

elenagutga Wooow! I'm impressed! They seem to be so relaxed!!! Nothing to do with the Spanish people!😊

tania Wow ! This is amazing Satoshi... especially for me living in a small village...

Yumi Miyazaki It looks like Singapore too! it took 4 round of trains to get the turn to board the crowded train! I wonder how long did u take to clear :p I am again impressed with how patient most JP is.

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