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Magda Korzewska Satoshi beautiul one

Satoshi T Thanks for sharing your "Forest in B&W" @Magda ! Its very fun!

Grace Beautiful! I didn't know about all the others, I want to try too!

Satoshi T There are recent works of the people I mentored. try it @Grace !

sylwia penc I like abstracts like this one :-)

jewels Excellent! I love the colors! I will give it another try before the forest theme week is over :-)

Satoshi T Very nice your Zooming style :"Swirl"! :D

Kazzi I feel challenged [2]

120mr Waiting...

Kazzi oh, not today. Sunday or tomorrow before work, if I wake up early enough.

120mr wake up!

Kazzi Normally I'd wake up at nine, so every thirty minutes earlier gives a chance that I'll find some forests.

Satoshi T Even if it is not so "Authentic" forest, this can be done :) try it @Kazzi setting in "S-IS mode 3".

Kazzi Thanks for reminding me to change IS setting, but I'm glad to report I remembered to change it on my (failed) tryouts yesterday! :)

Ewa Kudlaty Good job! I will repeat it on autumn as well. Your colors and result are beautiful!

Satoshi T Thanks @Ewa ! I'm loonging to your rich color of Spring version: "Forest".

Margie Love this.

v agnès Superb! I like it very much.

Yumi Miyazaki Wow, what is this abstract Satoshi san? how do you do it? Is it slow slow speed? and move the camera? its awesome.. by the way we also do not have snow

Satoshi T Go to the forest, Close aperture, Set slow shutter-speed(almost 1/2 sec- 1 sec), and move the camera. Thats all. Let's try @Yumi ! :)

Yumi Miyazaki I ll see! i have tried from your setting, but it's bad, because the color wasnt great, i will try again!!! thank you for sharing this info satoshi san.

Romain superb... did you use a lens-baby for this?

Satoshi T No. We don't need special lens for this effect. need close aperture and slow shutter speed only. Let's try @Romain ! :)

Romain tnx for the hint...

noun Great! love it! Well done Satoshi!

Satoshi T I had a strong impression from your "Nature abstract" series!! Many thanks @noun!

Ian Prince I wonder if turning only the vertical stabilisation off (keeping the horizontal on) might give the best results....

Satoshi T Yeah, "S-IS 3"! I got it :D

Grace How do you set it? I'm too late for forest theme, but I'll try it this week. I wanted to over the weekend but was so busy!

Satoshi T Hi Grace Menu- Gear C(Brown) - Image stabillizer - Still picture - S IS 3 OK?

Grace Thanks, I'll go for a walk tomorrow to try it! Will let your know how it goes. It's so fun that so many people on tookapic are doing things inspired by each other. Maybe Pawel could make next week's theme blur or motion, or abstract hehe

120mr Beautiful colours, great distortion. And I'm happy that tookapic animate our creativity so much!

Satoshi T I was affected from your "Forest #7" Thanks @120mr ! :D

Ron Dadoo wow new Satoshi style ?:-)

Satoshi T Previously I thought that camera shake is bad thing. It is interesting to try it. Thats a Took-a-effect :D

Hearty Miszka Great dynamic photo! Wow, amazing!

Satoshi T Thank you @Markus !

Rohini It's like a painting

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