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Mouhsine Idrissi What a great timing Tania.

craig Excellent!

noun Great!! and funny pic!

Ron Dadoo vraiment très chmouette!

tania ;)

Magda Ko Amazing!

Rose Excellent and Beautiful !

Comment was deleted

tania ;)

Makyo Owned :) haha

szpeer Congratulations! 😀

v agnès Well done!

Roman Czarny Wow the perfect time

Vi Chlistowska Fkng LUCK! <3 <3 <3 :)

tania HAHAHAHA ! Thanks !

Kateli Wow !! Fabulous !!!

Nutt Ditto! Wow!!!! Just the kids would have been beautiful, this interloper makes it exceptional!

tania Thanks Nadia !

Satoshi T Awesome moment @tania !

jayce Fantastic capture !

WK Fan Looks like the kids were chasing after the bird. Excellent moment! :)

tania Oh yes ! I didn't see it like this ! Great ! Thanks

vera WAAAAAAA!!!!!! Génial!

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