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Ian Prince Cool. Enjoy :)

tania Well done Magda ! Nice photo !

Magda Korzewska Thnx Tania, Happy to know it.

Kazziz I'll be close in... 36 hours! OMGOMGOMG!

I hope we helped You making a good decision You won't regret and 7-14 will give You lots of fun! :)

Magda Korzewska Of course, when i saw your picture I knew it is for me. It is a bit bulky but not as heavy. Cashback just speed up my decision. Thank You again :)

Grace What is the cash back?

Magda Korzewska This is promo organized by importer. You get some money back after purchase. In this case around 100USD, it is not from the shop but from Panasonic. It is very popular in photo industry. All my Olympus I have bought in Poland was with cash back. Canon, Nikon do the same promos.

Grace Ah I see I have never had this, must look into it

Kazziz I could have sold that lens to You, since I've got it in my store - but don't worry, it's not a big deal ;) I see You did not buy it in Madison anyway.

Cashback promos are often called "creative accountancy" - "look, shareholders, we sold those cameras/lenses/whatever for a good price with high margin, so we put that additional money into marketing department (which gave part of cash back to customers, but shhhhh, no word about it)". For a customer - same result would be if they just cut the price, but what happens with that cashflow on that "higher level" is like black magic for me.

Magda Korzewska @Kazziz I got very good offer from my customer, so with cash back it was kind of bargain but shhhhh

Kazziz no questions asked ;)

Grace wow, this looks like a fun lens to have, so nice and wide

Magda Korzewska Grace it is totaly different. Now I need to learn new framing. I Am very excating.

Grace Well I think you've done well with your first photo 👏

Magda Korzewska Thnx @Grace You are so kind to me 🙏🏼

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