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Romain great picture... superb compilation... btw... do you also speak German?

Yumi Miyazaki I am so interested in the train!!!! cool railway

Magda Ko Nice. I hope to see some japanese book this week Satoshi :)

Charon Photography I love your photos and your conception <3 i work on Stanley Flirt3 :D

Katrina Yu My little cousin said that your toy looks so real and I couldn't agree more! :D
I love how clean and sharp this is.

Marcin Thay are manufacturing them in Poland I think :-) Did you heard about Polish company Pesa? ;-)

Kazziz He did :)

Satoshi T Kazziz taught me ELF made by Pesa : "Aus Bromberg nach Gleiwitz". and I like agressive design of new Polish IC train ED161 by Pesa :) Thanks @Marcin !

vera a book, a model and... a cup of coffee ;-)

Margie Great composition of all the elements!!!

Przemysław Buzdygan How much time You spend on photography? 🙂 Im asking because Your compositions are always so.... perfectly arranged 🙂

Damian Great pic!

jayce @Satoshi you have no equivalent for transmitting your passion trough photography

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