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tigg Saw your photograph, thought my comment must be multi tasking ....

Satoshi T telepathy ... :)

craig Satoshi this is so cute! I really love it!

Satoshi T Thank you Craig!

Hanna Gawrychowska beautiful 'multifaceted' scene - a piece of life in the two cameras

Satoshi T Yes, Hanna!

Magda Korzewska Must be dad and daughter. Both in funny trousers. Excellent fitting the weekly theme. Congratulations.

Satoshi T Exactry. We talk each other after taking photo.

tania That's life. Just life. Thanks Satoshi !

Satoshi T Yep! That's life , Tania!

Agnieszka Wichrowska Satoshi you can capture usually moments in a miraculous way, I love it :)

Satoshi T Thank you Agnieszka, Fortunately, I caught to this moment.

vera Beautiful scene of life!

Satoshi T I feel happiness when I took it.

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Thank you Denise, It was nice to have a camera.

Jon Scott This is fantastic. Great story in this picture!

Satoshi T Thank you Jon I'm glad!

Rohini What a magical moment you have captured brilliantly Satoshi. I love it.:))

Satoshi T Thank you Rohini :). I'm glad to took this moment and I thank for nice dad and daughter.

Kasia Koćma mothers are great! :)

Satoshi T I also think so @Dlugaj !

Shawn Adorable

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