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Just me

I'm currently designing a website for my own company and I needed a pic to the 'about' section. So bam, here it is.

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  • Magda Ko

    Great portrait but IMO it is not good for "about" section. You are too closed (with arms) and looking down. As a customer I would like to see that you have more confidence. It is very artistic, beautiful, and I would hang it on the wall.

    • Account Deleted

      Michal, very cool portrait indeed and I agree with Magda, you should hang this in your office. For your website I would choose something where you're smiling. You could keep the overall look.

      • Michał Kubalczyk

        Hmm, yeah, you can be right, I didn't think about that in this way. Thank you!

      • Bridget Braun

        Great portrait, handsome man!

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