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Danuta Przepiękna jest ta aleja , fotografie w tym miejscu są niesamowite :)

Anna Pięknie, chce się tam być...

Hanna G thakns a lot Anna

kingas Super!

Chris G Beautifully captured.

jewels Looks straight out of a fairy tale, very nice @Hanna !

tania Lovely !

Grace Very cool! Need to see it in spring and summer now too :)

Magda Ko Super Hania

vera I love this place Hanna! In the snow or not, it's beautiful!

Roman Czarny Excellent

Katrina Yu You know, this reminds me of the forest from the 12 dancing princesses story. Dense forest, silver foliage.. so beautiful Hanna!!

Hanna G @Danuta @kingas @Chris @jewels @tania @Grace @Magda @vera @Roman @itskatrina
thanks a lot for your kind words.I love this park. So different beautiful memories are connect me with it - I'm glad you like this beautiful magical place

alecarolo So nice. I'd like follow u. Tks

Adam Grzelązka a u mnie cała zima bardzo mało zimowa - niemal cały czas bez śniegu

Michael Gatton Stunning, such a beautiful walkway enchanted with the snow.

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