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sawyn Nice!!!

Jesse Lind Thank you! :)

Hanna G wow
you are the master, Jesse

Jesse Lind Haha, thanks Hanna :D

Mason Luce just a question what do you use to hold the water in? Ive tried bouls and glass dishes and all kinds of crap what is the trick?

Jesse Lind Um, I used I white dish(you can use most anything), then I filled it with water all the way up to the brim, then I put the camera on the same level and had a white backround.

tania Brilliant indeed ! What flash Jesse ?

Jesse Lind The only problem is it isn't wireless.... They don't really tell you and I didn't realize.

Kazziz You can buy a cheap cable, or an yongnuo wireless trigger from ebay/amazon/aliexpress for around 20-30$

Magda Ko Superb, congrats Jesse

Jesse Lind Thank you!!! :) :D :)

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