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Marcin Wojtasik Very nice photo!

Katrina Yu Thank you Marcin!

Edyta Wow! Love it

Katrina Yu Thank you Edyta :) :)

Hanna Gawrychowska beautiful (calm) portrait

Katrina Yu Thank you Hanna!

Magda Korzewska Beautiful portrait, You look amazing

Katrina Yu Thank you Magda :D

Margie Calm portrait BUT I am a little concerned about the waterspout behind you! :)

Katrina Yu Hehe no worries @Margie, it's a composite photo so all is good, but still extremely windy that day. :D :D

Bartosz Pussak So pretty!

Yumi Miyazaki U r a good model katrina!

Katrina Yu Thank you Yumi *blushes*

Yumi Miyazaki Btw what happen to you camera!! Nooooooooo

Katrina Yu I was setting the tripod on a weird angle (Lol) and then the lock got loose and the camera dropped. It felt like in slow motion and I wasn't able to do anything. haha

The lens was okay, phew. But there were some loose parts on the case. Nothing glue can't fix 😂😣