Chris G This really is a great angle.

Kateli Thank you ! Thanks to tookapic, you get new ideas and perspectives... ;O)

Ian Prince Nice to hear I inspired you today :)

Kateli You seem to be inspiring me quite a lot. I nearly put a photo of my daughter too the other day ! You're one of my favourite tookapic photographers ! I'm a real fan of yours !

Karol it looks like a pyramid

Kateli Quite right ! A high altitude one in the mountains !! ;O)

craig This works really well especially against that sky!

Kateli Quite right @craig ! Thank you !

Satoshi T This picture is even more impressive due to "your" filter @Kateli !

Kateli Hi hi ! Thanks @Satoshi T. I tried the same photo without the filter and it was dull and uninteresting ! I've set this filter onto C2 on my camera ! ;O)

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