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Nutt Great idea! And super pic! :D

Kateli Thanks ! I hate doing the washing so I thought I would at least make it a bit more appealing by using my camera while doing it ! ;O)

Prienne Doing washing looks now like entertainment for hipsters :D

Prienne Great, great, great! :)

Kateli Why thank you, thank you, thank you !! ;O)

Prienne I like your sense of humor :D

Ron Dadoo JAMAIS!!!!!! un appareil photo dans la machine à laver, malheureuse! ( les chats non plus !)

Kateli Bon, c'est le séchoir ! C'est moins grave ?? ;O)

Ron Dadoo aaaaaah okay alors ;-)

tania Haha ! I thought about doing that today !!! Loooooove your pyjama ;)

Kateli Everybody keeps on commenting on my jumpsuit ! I'll get all dressed up next time I do the washing !! ;O) I know I look silly ! Thanks for pointing them out @tania !!

Kazzi Maybe next time ask (or order) Your family to do it ;) I love doing laundry, no idea why.
Wonderful usage of the fisheye pancake, I was thinking about shooting interns of a washing machine long ago, but never thought about doing it with that lens - maybe it's because my fiancee did the laundry last two or three times (or, to be precise, she turned it on while I was the one to hang it) ;)

Kateli I'll be trying some other captures with the fisheye pancake this week ! Will you too ?

Kazzi As far as I see, Friday is my first day of less than 8 hours work... before a working weekend, so I'll have to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier to catch some sun. and it also depends on weekly theme, weather...

...blah blah, I promise at last one photo from the #lens-cap-lens #9mmf8 for You, Kateli :)

Kateli Great !!!

Piotr Księżopolski good POV :) I have tried from refrigerator

Kateli Thank you !!!

Emilia Brilliant! Very creative!

Kateli Thank you !!

Satoshi T Nice idea! but be careful not to wash the EM1mk2! . Even though it is water proof ;) .

Kateli Thanks ! Promise, I won't !!

Roman Czarny Wow surprising perspective
Idea worthy champion

Kateli Oh thank you so much !!

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