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Kazziz How's battery life on E-M1 Mark II?

Kateli I used it for one week skiing periodically and only charged it once. The battery wasn't completely flat but I didn't want to get caught out. So I'm pretty pleased with it ! Plus, it doesn't run down in the cold either ! I must say that I love my new friend ! ;O)

Michał that's the spirit! I like such photos and all the little related stories.

Kateli Thanks, glad you like it !!

Ewa Kudlaty Good result! I know what you mean. Once I took that photo I felt the:) same

Kazziz at first I thought it's Your pic, then - a tribute, when I saw it's Kateli's.

Kateli @tania did one too... +Shopping.

tania I did it on @Ewa's idea :)

vera Mmmmh! You make me want to try girls!!!

tania Hihi... I remember so well when I did it ! We should try someday together ! Just for fun !

Kateli That would be great fun !! Oh yes please ! xxx

Kazziz please don't destroy the store around You ;)

Kateli Hi hi hi !!

craig Brilliant! I love it!

Kateli Thanks @craig. :O)

Edyta Awesome! 😄

Kateli Thank you very much !!

Katrina Yu Can't help but smile seeing this. This image brings out the childish innocence! I love this one a lot.

Kateli Thank you !! I'm trying to make my daily chores more fun !!! ;O)

Katrina Yu That's a wonderful idea!! I must take note ;) ;)

Margie VERY cool!

Kateli Thanks !

magdabuba Lovely pic. Great idea.

Kateli Thank you !!!

azumac this is how hubby shops: focused, zip in and zip out, fast. me? i like to dawdle and find things that i never knew i could stuff the fridge with.

Kateli Hi hi hi ! My hubby and I are the opposite ! We never go shopping together 'coz otherwise we end up arguing !! ;O)

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