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Ian Prince Photo book? Prints? Oh, the Swiss customs service can be slow too ;)

Satoshi T It's from Poznań not Białystok. It's Train model of Polish ... Sorry! ;)

Ian Prince Oh I see now. 4.12kg no less ;)

120mr I'm so curious of it!

Comment was deleted

120mr Aww! <3 I can't wait to see it!

Kazzi I want one, too!

freyr Oh no, WER Komorniki... So good that nothing bad happened - once my package which was very important (I mean it was very important that I'd get it asap) disappeared. Eventually there was a happy ending but - I hate that WER xD

Satoshi T Oh, was there such a accident? My baggage seems to have passed WER Komorniki , but there is no indication after leaving WER Warszawa on March 8 ...

freyr Do you have it now? WER Komorniki was such a disaster - there was 24 hour delivery guarantee but when it didn't come there was absolutely no contact - first with them and then with WER Wrocław... I hate "Poczta Polska" since that day even more : D

Satoshi T I have not yet... but I know this package had arrived to Japan and now still "Kontrola celna 2017-03-16 14:19 KAWASAKI PORT"... Although it is not included a bomb, it took ten days for customs clearance ... xD

Satoshi T @freyr , Actually the package has not arrived yet. I was inquired the customs office, it turned out that the invoice was peeling off, the sender and the receiver were left unknown. I should contact earlier. I wasted 2 weeks. xD

freyr Oh no... That's why everyone should "love" post-companies xD It's really stupid when someone gets paid for something and cannot do his work correctly. If it would be single case... ok. But it happens every single day with multiple packages. Why do some people work there if they are to lazy to check the package and do everything as they should?

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