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Andrzej Adamczyk Beautiful photo, wonderful atmosphere!

jokele Thank you, @Andrzej :)

tania I love the fog here ! Thought this morning we don't often get this kind of atmosphere here....

jokele I saw the fog on my way to work, stopped and waited for the raising sun. Sometimes it's quite good, getting up early ;-)

Pati Magic! :-)

Satoshi T Fantastic! Nice caught!

bvphotosnap Gorgeous! Excellent!

Rafal Fantastic colours!

cicely so beautiful, so soft ... great pic and atmosphere

Małgorzata Czarniakowska Gorgeous! I am in love with this pic <3

Lasiu Fantastic!

jokele It was great taking this image, waiting for the rising sun and enjoying the silence before another stressful workday.
Thanks a lot, for all your comments :-) @Lasiu, @Małgorzata, @cicely, @Rafal, @bvphotosnap, @Satoshi, @Roman, @Rafał, @shyshca, @Pati , @tania, @mr_andre

Jennifer This is why we get up early. ^.^ I'll use this in the future for people who question the term "golden hour" :D

jokele Yes, but getting up early is so hard :-)

Comment was deleted

jokele For the Sony I have 4 lenses:
- Sony 16-50 which I've bought with the cam. I only use this lens, when I need a small cam, which fits in my jacket pocket.
- Sigma 19/2.8 - I have this lens with me most of the time
- Sony 50/1.8 - I have this lens with me most of the time
- Sony 35/1.8 - I use this lens very seldom. Not because it is a bad lens (absolutely not!) but I have the Sony most of the time with me and have only space for two lenses (19mm + 50mm)
I'm still looking for a macro lens, but they are too expensive. So I use my Pentax camera for macros.

Tomasz Super ujęcie 😀

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