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craig Great to see them! We only really see Mute Swans here and further north the odd Whooper Swan. As you say a lucky catch!

bvphotosnap Thank you very much @craig! I just looked up your Whooper Swan and how I understand it, it is similar to our Trumpeter Swans which I had saw in a different location this same day. Both the Trumpeter and Whooper Swans have a similar sound too, very comical when they all talk at the same time :D

Romain Fantastic shot... This picture has something funny on it. It's like a procession, and the first 2 are walking ON the water surface! This have almost something supernatural.

Romain I think that that when you make a picture, and people are asking themself questions about it, and let them watch longer then usually...that's an extra....this picture is an example..

bvphotosnap Thanks so much @Romain! ☺ I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and I love to watch nature do her thing.

Margie Great capture. I read all about the swans, thanks to you. Do you mind reminding me where exactly you live? I think it is near Banff. I am in Canton, Ohio, about an hour south of Cleveland which is on Lake Erie.

bvphotosnap I was born and raised in Southern Ontario, in between Lake Erie and Lake Huron. We transferred to central Alberta in 2010 and am now living 20 min south of Calgary since 2012, Banff is about 2 hours from me. I love it here, population in the whole province is less than Toronto and surrounding area, therefore a greater chance of seeing wildlife. ☺ I'm so glad you read about the swans, I just read about @craig's Whooper Swans, interesting indeed.

Margie I just got on a map and saw where you must be. Looks like you have some great outdoors attractions nearby. Mountains and the park. I have definitely have been there but 40 years ago!!! I remember it as beautiful.

bvphotosnap oh my! You must have been a baby ;) , at least mother nature hasn't changed much, the mountains and lakes are still beautiful. I live in the small community of Okotoks and I just love it here, I will probably not ever move back east now, maybe a visit once in a while ☺

Margie Not a baby at all. Newly married. I found your town!

jayce You definitely have a great and rare sense of animal captures. Another super shot

bvphotosnap Much appreciated Jayce, thank you!

Tomasz Dolata Wow I envy such a shot :) wonderful view, it is really lucky to capture such a momet !

bvphotosnap Thank you so very much @Tomasz, I was so happy to see them but then when they lined up like that, I was really really happy :D

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