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v agnès Very esthetic!

Artur Łobocki Pasuje do tematu tygodnia 😉

Magda Ko Też miałam takie skojarzenie :)

vera Incredible stairs! I couldn't imagine it's a stair when I saw your pic! wow! It is very esthetic!

Magda Ko Yes, with ultra wide lens, it looks different. Thank you Vera

Magda Ko Ok ok

Ian Prince Oh yeah! Porto? I need the address ;)

Magda Ko Ian, I can give you a bunch of them. Today before leaving to Lisbon, I have visited more of them. I was speachless when saw some (different shapes). When I upload them to my instagram account, I will send you a link. Plan your trip soon. Porto is amazing!

Ian Prince Thanks! Looking forward to you links :)

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