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Paweł Te That's awesome @Satoshi !!😀

Kazzi Fraud! Once again my manager was sure it is a real train, not a model. You are absolutely master of those photos.

Satoshi T From now on I hope I can entertain your boss ;)

Kazzi You do a lot, since we both are railfreaks - he is much more than my humble self and during our 6 years work together, he taught me plenty :)

Danuta Woow awesome !!! ... Similar to reality! In what you do, you are great Satoshi !!!!!! :)

Asiula Wow! this is crazy amazing! :)

vera Beautiful light, gradient of colors and perspective !😃

Urszula Stachowicz This is great! A real sunset! :D

Satoshi T Up to now, I used express sky using blue paper with white strobe, but for the first time I tried to express white paper with strobes with color filter. "Clouds" expression is the next theme. :)

Rafał Bolko This is AMAZING!

Abderrahim Lovely colors

jokele Great lighting, especially the LED

Satoshi T Up to now, I should have care only the light balance of the three strobes, but as LEDs were added, the adjustment factors increased very much. The light signal adjusts the brightness with my own CRD circuit. The passenger car light is DCC controlled.

Ewa Kudlaty I'm impressed of your work!

120mr Like a real one, perfect pic, light, colours, frame...

Satoshi T My next theme is reproduction of "Sunset clouds". Your words are very encouraging to me, Thanks a lot @creonphotography , @Paweł , @Kazzi , @Danuta , @Asiula , @vera -and @tania - , @imieniny-cioci , @Rafał , @Abderrahim , @shyshca , @Michał Grosicki , @jokele , @ekropka and @120mr !

Margie Words just totally escape me. You have such a gift and even your most technical work has feeling. Wonderful job.

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