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Hanna Gawrychowska beautiful colors,
and composition,
and dog,
and umbrella,
and you,
and photo, of course

Katrina Yu Ahh thank you so much Hanna!

I've been nudging myself to play with colors more and this is me trying! <3

Kateli I love the fact that you stage yourself, you're the centre of most of your photos. It's brave and beautiful !!! Bravo !!

Katrina Yu Thank you so much, I really appreciate this comment Kateli.

Last year I've been going through major changes and I felt like I've lost myself in the process. I decided to do a self-portrait 365 because I felt the need to get to know myself. After a lot of doubts, inner battles, and 316 days later, I discovered so much and it feels surreal to get to know yourself and see the progress and changes (thru photos).

Though sometimes, most of the times 😂, I wish I can just take a streak photo of a window.

vera You're beautiful with your umbrella and dog!

Katrina Yu Thanks Vera!!! *blush*
This is my little cousin's umbrella. When she saw me using it for my photos she was like "my umbrella is super cool right?"

Kids. Super cute.

vera Oh so cute! You fulled her heart

Katrina Yu Thank you Pat!

Urszula Stachowicz Ok, this one is definitely my favourite from this series. :) And the dog is a cherry on top. :)