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Comment was deleted

Kateli Because of the only boy in the photo ??
Who's actually looking at me !!

Comment was deleted

Comment was deleted

Kateli Saw him !! ;0)

craig Love this shot! It is incredible that only the little boy has noticed you

Kateli Yep ! Noticed it afterwards !!

Kateli Quite right, I saw that after publishing...

viola Excellent!

Kateli Thank you !! :0)

vera So cool! so interesting to look at people!!!

Kateli Yep ! I love observing people !! ;0)

Comment was deleted

Kateli Thank you !!

Rafal Laczynski Great idea! I'm impressed!

Kateli Thanks ! I was just dropping my daughter off for her end of year outing and saw the scene... ;0)

Ian Prince Excellent! The light is especially nice.

Kateli Thank you Mr Prince. :0)

jayce Really fantastic that you could take this panoramic just in front of you without being identified by anyone, except perhaps the kid. This scene is really great!

Kateli Thank you !! And I saw that the kid was looking in my direction after I published it !!

Paula This is super cool! can't stop watching those people

Kateli Great ! Pleased you like it !!

Satoshi T Nice! People are attractive!

Kateli Thanks ! Must agree !!

Hanna G Fantastic photo

Kateli Thank you very much !!

Katrina Yu I love this because it's so candid. It's like looking into their lives without them being aware. It's like so many stories compacted in a single photo!

Kateli Yep, I see what you mean !!!

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