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bvphotosnap This is a superb image, love the bnw and the dof! Thank you for your wonderful and supportive comments! My wish for you is that you again see the beautiful images through your lens and renew this passion! Best wishes Craig!! ☺

craig Thank you so much and best wishes for the Future!

Kateli Great capture !! What a lovely place you live in !! Lucky you and lucky us !!

craig Thank you so much and best wishes for the future!

Comment was deleted

Kateli Oh ! I didn't read properly... You're leaving tookapic ! It's me sending you all the best wishes for the future then !!! I'll miss your birds and kind comments ! Might see you else where on the web though !!! Take care !!!

craig Thank you! You take care too!

v agnès All the best to you, Craig. Thank you for your beautiful black and white pics this year.

craig Thank you and all the best to you Too!

jokele I hope you'll find your motivation again sometime. My best wishes, @craig.

craig Thank you so much! Best wishes to you too!

Hanna G. I'm sorry that you are leaving from tookapic, but I understand you. (I often think about it, too).
It was nice to meet you.

I know that you will still be taking photos so I wish you many beautiful shots and ... good luck

craig Thank you Hanna!

Eva Oh Craig! This is such a sad thing! I'll miss your daily pictures and your wonderful support so much! Hope you will think again about this and find new joy and motivation, enough to start again with your project...till that day, it has been a privilege to be your Tookapic's friend. Hoping to see you soon, best wishes for your future.

craig Thank you Eva!

Romain Oh no @craig .... you are one of my favourite Tookapic-ers... This is a sad day for us :-(
Hopefully you think it over... or start a new one...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us...

craig Thank you Romain, I always knew that it would be difficult to remain motivated when I completed my project. It really is time to call it a day. Who knows in the future I may start again but not for now.
All the best with your project!

Romain OK, tnx again for your supporting comments for me the last 200 days... I wish you good luck and a lot of fun with your future projects...

tania Oh Craig ! I'm just seeing that now ! You're better than me ! I stopped after my 600th and you did a few more...

Anyway, we know Tookapic is a great adventure and I'm sure you'll keep up with beautiful photography...

All the best for you Craig, and see you somewhere else ;)

craig Hi Tania
Just noticed this when I came back to tidy up my account. I am still on Flickr and Blipfoto and glad that I can follow your work on Facebook.

tania Hi Craig ! May I be able to follow your work on Blip ?

craig Hi Tania I think you should be able to using this link. If not let me know,

noun Every days I was looking for your pic, I miss you! I saw that you stopped only today, I had so much work all these last days that I didn't take time to read I only watched the pictures! I'm sad that you stopped, but I understand, some days I think to stop also! Anyway, take care. And thank you so much for your support, your comments,

craig Hi Noun just came back to tidy my account and noticed this. I kind of lost my motivation but in order to keep up my photography I am still on Flickr and Blipfoto. Best wishes to you and keep up your project.

Rafael Exactly the same as what @noun said!
You were my biggest fan, now I lost you!
I'm sorry that you are leaving from tookapic, but I understand you.
It was nice to meet you @craig!!!

craig Hi Rafael, Just noticed this when I was tidying up my account. I was finding it all a bit much. I still post on Blipfoto and flickr but that is it for now. It was nice to meet you and good luck with your project!

Rohini Oh Craig! I know I've not been regular lately but can't imagine that I won't get to see your pictures anymore. You have been so inspiring as well as encouraging to me. I will miss your gulls, swans abs your lighthouse so much. Please do come back when you feel like it.

jewels @craig, so sad to see you go! I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful pictures and seeing your birds fly across my screen. I will miss you! Hopefully, you might come around from time to time to Tookapic! Take care and all the very best.

Satoshi T If I had not met you, I might not have taken pictures of a wild birds. And for the first time I tried it I was able to know the patience and concentration of the people who taking the birds. I got a valuable start. Thank you Craig, I will not forget what you were watching. I also hope you might come around from time to time to Tookapic!

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