Dzień Dobry TVN

My first ever live tv interview. What we (me and Magda) were surprised by was the size of the set. It's really small and actually kind of cozy. It's still a busy place. This is the set about 10 minutes before we went live.

If you're interested, you can view the video here. Also, big thanks to Michał and Patryk! They also appear in the video.

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  • tania

    Even without understanding a single word of the itw, I found it really interesting and I can easily imagine all the time and energy it took. And nice to hear Polish. Does someone want to translate it in English ??

    • 365 Shades of Calvados

      Super materiał, a wy jesteście z Magdą niezwykle pozytywnymi i inspirującymi ludźmi. A co do pilota do Olympusa, to polecam Captura, właśnie jestem w fazie testów i bardzo fajnie się sprawdza.

      • Daria

        własnie na tvn zainspirowałeś mnie żeby spróbować swoich sił w foto 😀 dzięki - dzisiaj zaczęłam 😄

      • Daria

        Ha! no co Ty! jasne że tak :D, a zdjęcia masakra !!! jestem dumna, że Polak potrafi 😄

        • Kevin Drum

          It's fascinating and strange to see these tookapic people in motion. Also, I'm impressed with the amount of work that goes into these Vader photos.

          • Jagoda Pucilowska

            so interesting, super Paweł and Patryk and Michał

            • Ian Prince

              Thanks for sharing.

              Like @tania says, great to hear you all in Polish and see you in "real life".

              Also nice to see how you all worked as a team on the project.

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