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Urszula Stachowicz Huh, I know this meme so well. And I love your photo as well. :)

Katrina Yu Haha, it makes me laugh so much everytime I see it. It's just so...accurate of today.
Thank you so much, Urszula! 😁

Urszula Stachowicz Me too. :D Although long, long, long time ago I've heard the answer to this confession 'Oh. That's nice'. It was almost as cruel as 'seen'. ;)

Ron Dadoo Happy recipient :-) But that good ideas of Kat '

Katrina Yu Ahh thank you so much, Pat. Appreciate the compliment. :)
A ratio of 1 good idea in every 10 bad ones, but at least. :D

Ron Dadoo Not sure in your case :-)

Katrina Yu Thank you Robert!!! :D

Ian Prince I sometimes miss the old days of SMS when there was more mystery.

That's said, love the series.

Katrina Yu More mystery and more face to face interaction.
Thank you, Ian!! :D

Kateli Beautiful !!!

Katrina Yu Thank you, Kateli :) :) :)