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Gabriela Jaworowska A kot zwiedza piękną przyrodę na naszej kochanej planecie... Ale wagon zgubił tory....

Paweł Obrycki Nie zgubił torów, jedzie po nich.

Beautiful foto! How you do that? I have two cat's.... and I think it's impossible!

Gabriela Jaworowska Tak...teraz dojrzał tak jak się okulary ma w torebce...dzięki

Paweł Obrycki Luzik, ja też musiałem się dobrą chwilę przyglądać bo nie byłem pewien. :)

Satoshi T Thank you Paweł for your advice for Gabriela.

I make this series in small model world every weekend. using green carpet, blue background paper and strobe.
This is the first time, I opened a hole in the reflection plate of the storobe, the light leaking from there I used through the model tree.

Satoshi T Dziękuję @Gabriela użyłem dryice do wyrażenia porannej mgle.

Alek Jedliński Very nice shot Satoshi :)

craig Super shot Satoshi!

craig Satoshi I just noticed your cover photo of the crows (I am sometimes not observant). It is absolutely stunning! I love it!

Satoshi T Thank you @craig for notice it. I have practiced birds photo,It was a waterplay of crows that has leaked from the selection by the rule of tookapic(a pic a day).

Satoshi T Thank you @Rohini , @Alek , @craig and @tania !

sarabembenek looks awesome!

Satoshi T Thank you @grzegorz , sara ! I installed some trees and DIY storobe reflector with small hole.

Pablo San Hahaha, a very funny shot! :)

Satoshi T Thank you Pablo , This series follow last week theme of tookapic, using my little friend in fantasy world.

noun Like usual, I love!

Satoshi T Thank you noun for loving it!

Roman Czarny beautiful light all very naturalistic big applause

Satoshi T Thank you Roman, I try lighting technique for naturalistic in this small world.

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