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sarabembenek nice perspective ;)

craig Wow Satoshi you got that one perfectly!

Agnieszka Wichrowska I agree with craig....perfectly...

Satoshi T Thank you @sarabembenek , @craig , @Steve and @agnieszka for your words.

Alek Jedliński Very nice, and you got both the tower and the sky!

Hanna Gawrychowska agree with all of you ... and colours are perfectly, too

Paulina M Nice one 😊

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Thank you @Alek , @hanna , @paulina and @azral .
In the night shot, I can brighten photo with tripod and long exposure. But contrast and color is more Unnaturally.
It was hard to find a natural point the last minute in the field.

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vera Yes... At first look I thought it was the Eiffeltower! It's my european eyes ;-) Thank you Satoshi for the discover of the beautiful Tokyo Tower!

Gabriela Jaworowska Piękne Twoje miasto...a jak pięknie go pokazujesz...

Satoshi T Dziękuję, Gabriela . I nadal wprowadzać moje miasto w fotografii.

Rohini Really nice

Satoshi T Thank you @Rohini , I look forward to your nice B&W series.

Roman Czarny Naprawdę dobrze wyważone zdjęcie z mocnymi akcentami jak niebo podświetlona noga wieży i wreszcie choinka która dopełnia kompozycję - jednym słowem piękne
Przepraszam że piszę po polsku ale mój angielski jest taki ubogi
Brawo jak zwykle zadziwiasz

Satoshi T Roman Dziękuję za słowa. Będę kontynuował.

Satoshi T Thank you @andrzej , I like your look-up-angle old architecture photo.

m_rudziewicz good job! :)

Satoshi T Thank you @m_rudziewicz , I also like your architecture photo.

tania Satoshi what you live in Tokyo must be so far from what I live here in my tiny tiny village... It's really nice to have everyday views from the other side of the world...

Satoshi T Thank you @tania and @azral . We are in a far away really. But this way every day, and each other is looking at each other what was taken, I feel like a little shortened the distance of the heart.

egzist It's really, really great photo. You should try at night with even more wide lens. Do you have one? :)

Satoshi T Thank you @egzist , I hope to things as much as possible in the range of the lens I have now. Most wide one I have is 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5. old type. It's discontinue to product X)

egzist It's OK with 24mm of course. Anyways you are the Master. I like your photos very much.

Jennifer Faye Really great!

Satoshi T Thank you Jennifer Faye!

Satoshi T Thank you @Denise and @vera , In fact, in the rough design of this has mimicking the Eiffel Tower. But, looking at the Eiffel Tower after seeing this, the detail of Eiffel Tower are so beautiful. This is a little clunky :)

vera Anyway... beautiful pic!

kudlata great photo. My friends were in Tokyo in June, they have a lot of amazing photo and now i want to going to Japan too. ;)

Satoshi T Thank you @kudlata , I'm glad to hear this.

Jon Scott Superb!

Satoshi T Thank you Jon!

Roeland Van de Velde Great capture!

Satoshi T Thank you @Roeland !

Satoshi T Now I look @francesco 's "French pigeon" , It's detail is very beautiful than this.

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