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Urszula Stachowicz Especially if you put yourself in danger during taking this pictures. :p

Katrina Yu Héhé, Right! You've finished a 365 before, you know how it is when you're in a pinch because you haven't had a photo of the day yet. Every opportunity counts! 😂

Urszula Stachowicz Yeah! But sometimes my camera makes me feel I'm invincible during taking photos and nothing bad can happen. :D And I'm not sure if it is good. :D

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Hahaha, this was after midnight!! I was thinking it'll be empty, but there's still a few vehicles and people left (maybe on their way home)! I was sooo scared to have my camera stolen since I'm leaving it at the other end of the street haha

But I'm more afraid of the cockroaches that seem to be come out after midnight 😱

Oh, the things we do to get the shot! ;)

Kateli Love it, love it, love it !!!!!
That looks a bit dangerous actually !!!
You take care now !!

Katrina Yu You're so kind!! Thank you so much Kateli!! <3

Satoshi T The intersection at midnight is dangerous, You are very brave @itskatrina .

Katrina Yu Thank you Satoshi, I was more worried about not having a picture than anything. I guess, this project turned into an obsession?? 😆

leitu 这是什么地方?还有中文....

Katrina Yu Nice catch! 這是在台灣 :D :D

WK Fan Did you stand in the middle of the crossroads while the motors still running? A little bit scary for me... But that's how this photo astonishing. :)