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Ola Powajbo Congrats,. @itskatrina Your photos are fresh, surprising, unusual. For me You are an artis with head full of great ideas. It was a great Year with Your photos.

Ian Prince What a great achievement Katarina. 365 projects are difficult enough, yet you set the bar even higher with non-stop imagination and story-telling. So, so impressive in all meanings of the word. Glad to see you'll be around tomorrow :)

Urszula Stachowicz Congrats! I'm happy you're staying with us! :D You have such an amazing gallery. So many ideas! Also, I love that you put a description below every photo. :)

Magda Korzewska Thank you for this year, it was a great pleasure to follow your project. Big congrats and see you tomorrow.

Mateusz Siuta Congrats Katrina! For me Your project is one of the most interesting. Your crativity and imagination are unique. Every single photo have something special and i like it very much.
Good luck with next 365 project!

Hanna G. This is one of my favorite projects on tookapic and one of the nicest and creative.
I congratulate the end of the first and wish you success in the next.

Kateli Bravo Katrina !!!
I love following you everyday. I've got you recorded in my favorite pages on internet and always catch up on what your imagination or your creativity brings to you !
I showed your photos to a friend photographer a few days ago and she was in awe with your ideas and how you stage yourself ! You've got me doing self-portraits (can't see my features as well as your beautiful ones though !!) and you've also introduced me to new brilliant artists !
Thanks for everything, so glad your did the challenge and happy we'll be seeing you tomorrow !! xxx
Take care !!

vera Bravo Katrina for this magnificent project that you've presented us day after day! I'm really impressed by your creativity! You're an original and interesting person! Intelligent thoughts, full of wisdom, sensitivity and poetry! I look forward to continuing to watch and read you! <3

Ron Dadoo One more year and you have not taken a wrinkle. always resplendent. and swollen eyes do not see any more! But especially what pleasures to have known your creativity and your references ... bravo and bravissimo ... again and again

Ewa Kudlaty Big Congratulations!!! Your project is one of the best! It was pleasure to follow you every day.

noun Many congratulations! I love your pics, your comments, your crativity, your world. Even when I'm very busy, I take time to discover every day your creation and it's always a beautiful discover. Thank you very much to share your world with us.
And I'm very happy that I still can discover every day your work! See you tomorow.

jewels Congratulations Katrina! Your project is wonderful, creative and poetic. It is a privilege to see a glimpse of your world and I admire the dedication and time it must take you every single day! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow :-)

Kasia Szyszko Great congratulations! Your project is unique. The road you have been through these 365 days is astonishing. I love Your photos and the way You see the world. I admire for creativity and inventiveness. I'm glad I'm part of this road. See you tomorrow :)

Marcin Wojtasik Bravo! So big congratulations @katrina :)
We want more great photos from you :)

Margie Well done! You are a kind, fantastically artistic, creative, special person. I particularly loved the literary references and the way you opened yourself up to all of us. You have an interesting way of connecting personally to Tookapic because of your warm conversational style. Your project is a stand out in every way and especially because you are a standout. I look for great things from you in the future.

Roman Czarny Congratulates 😊☺🙄
It was a really cool year with great pleasure watching how your photos are better and better
Once again congratulations
We are waiting for more

Bartosz Congrats, love your photos :)

Katrina Yu Thank you so much Bartosz! :D

agnieszka bladzik Congrats! i'm happy that you will be here tomorrow :D

Maciek Korsan congratulations & see you tomorrow! :)

Darek Antkowiak Bravo @katrina. Great job and full of amazing ideas. See ya tomorrow :)

Gogi Golzman congrats katrina! go go to the next year =]

Katrina Yu Thank you Gogi!! Seems like yesterday when I congratulated you with your 365th photo, and now you're more than halfway! :)

Abderrahim Congratulations :)

Satoshi T Your every pic was full of ideas. I admire your inexhaustible imagination and executing. Congratulations @itskatrina !

v agnès Congratulations Katrina for all your pics and texts. Such a job!

Artur Łobocki Congratulations @itskatrina. I was being a pleasure to watch your beautiful story.

Magda Parkitna Great job @itskatrina It was a huge pleasure to see your pictures. Thanks for that. And great congrats on finishing your first 365 project. I hope I will see you tomorrow and after tomorrow and after tomorrow... ;-)

Aga Ka Big congratulations for completing the project!

Piotr Księżopolski Congratulations for your creativity. I'm in the middle of the road.

Aneta Dzienis-Skutnicka Congratulations @Katrina!You know I am a big fan of Your pictures...So I'm glad You continue Your project and waiting for another amazing shots!♡
And...You are also very good at writing,I love to read it!!!

WK Fan What a great achievement! You finished your project with so many ideas and creativity! And show me the another perspective of Taiwan! That's really amazing! :)
Congratulations!! Wish you have better journey in next year!

Rafael b i g C O N G R A T!!! @katrina
so nice galery with full of ideas! ;)

Steve Karg Congratulations on 365 days of such interesting selfies, works of art!