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Ian Prince You are the smiling face of Tokyo that I will be taking back home :)

Magda Ko How cool, I am wondering who will be next to meet you? Maybe me in 2018?

vera It's great, so fantastic that you meet each other! I can also feel... a strange emotion of joy for you both, you three and all our community! It shows something, Tookapic is a really special community! :-)

tania :) I know Satoshi ! Thanks for sharing. Happy to see you happy :)

Lauren Huston Why is Australia so far away from everyone. :( maybe one day!

Ian Prince Who knows ;)

Grace Come to Wellington sometime! We can go on a shoot together

Lauren Huston Definitely. :)

Krzysztof Baczyński Poor @Satoshi has become an unintentionally tourist attraction to me in Tokyo! Was your meeting also accidental? My wife claims that we have started a new trend.

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