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Andrzej Adamczyk Beautiful photos, amazing colors, wonderful crop! Every day I will look into your profile for inspiration :)

Rafael thank you Andrzej!
I'm really flattered! Your portfolios are very pretty too!

Nilson Menezes I give you again my daily star. Superb photo!

Rafael I happy! thank you Nilson!

vera Wow! Stunning pic!

Rafael Thank you Vera!

Magda Ko me :) super photo

Rafael hihi, Namibia invites you ;)
thanks Magda!

Magda Ko one day maybe. I saw great pictures from desert, probably you do not have time to go there but nice to have a look at it from distance.

Rafael Yes it is true, i can just look how they drive on quads ;) but less than two weeks and I will back to our lovely Poland ;)

Magda Ko Enjoy nice summer weather, in Gdynia is cold and windy

Ian Prince Wow!

Rafael thanks Ian ;)

m_rudziewicz beautiful shot!

Rafael thank you Mr.M ;)

Katrina Yu Like on the surface of the moon!! 💜

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