Hello Kia!

So today I picked up a new Sportage. I've been driving an Audi A2 for the last 10 years. And this is actually the first time I have a brand new ride. Can't wait to take it for a photoshoot.

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  • Satoshi T

    Congratulations 🚗 !

  • Michał

    Enjoy and drive safe!

  • Gogi Golzman

    have fun pawel =]

  • Kazziz

    My mother bought one last Fall and She wasn't convinced to spending that amount of money to a car... until her first trip from Poznań to Kraków, over 400km. She came to our flat and said "I feel like I could ride a thousand kilometers more!" 😄

    • Maciek Lipski

      Good choice Paweł! 😉

      Actually I'm waiting for my new Kia Rio IV 😉 I should get it at the end of September. Kia has made a huge progess in last 5-10 years. A lot of people are laughing about Korean cars, but they know nothing about them and the same situation was 20-30 years ago with Japanese ones. Now Kia's/Hyundai's are constructed and made as good as European or even better. For sure they are equipped better for the same price.

      • Ian Prince

        Close to 50% of the cars I saw in Seoul were Kias (the other 50% were Hyundais), so they must be pretty good 😀

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