vera Oh! I'm happy you like this place thanks to Tookahint ;-)! The atmosphere is freshness and peace!

Satoshi T There is a place I did not know yet at my feet. You taught it. Thanks @vera !

Katrina Yu It seems that you've captured peace quite well Satoshi! Lovely photograph!

Satoshi T It is a place of silence and peace of mind to arrive at 5minutes from a noisy station. Thank you @Katrina !

jazzie I love this mysterious, yet peaceful pic!

Satoshi T It is mysterious during the day as the trees cover over it. I tried to emphasis the darkness a bit. Thank you @jazzie !

Danuta Great place for a hot day :) ..Beautiful photo, i like it!

Satoshi T Not only the air , but also the water is cold. Thank you @Danuta !

Danuta Nice to cool your feet in cold water :) ....Very pleasant place !!

Rohini Looks like the perfect place to relax! Nice pic Satoshi!

Satoshi T Yes, nice place to relax. Thank you @Rohini !

Krzysztof Baczyński Ada and Adam live nearby ... You were so close ... We were there on a recent visit, a fascinating place.

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