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Nutt And even prettier! Gorgeous soft colors

craig Thank you!

jokele Congrats for the round!

craig Thank you!

Ron Dadoo félicitations / congratulations for your 730!! nice work!! see you Craig!

craig I hadn't even noticed it until jokel pointed it out! Thank you Ron!

Satoshi T If you forget the desire and the point of your goal, if you continue to be innocent, you have achieved your second year before you realize! We call it Zen.

jewels How adorable :-) Love it!

jewels And huge congrats on your Twokapic! So happy you are part of this community @craig ! I love your pictures and your beautiful birds and lighthouses!

craig Thank you so much! I guess I will be starting Threekapic tomorrow. Something I would not have been doing had it not been for the support I received from you all!

Nutt Hey, congratulations! Didn't realise this was your 730th! Bravo and thanks for sticking around - I'm looking forward to your Threekapic! :)

craig Thank you for making it possible!

Satoshi T I remember that you lost your motivation on the way. You revived with support from everyone, and after that you reached the second year unexpectedly by continuing naturally every day, not effort. Please keep on this natural feeling 🕊 . Congratulations on Twokapic, Craig!

craig Thank you so much Satoshi!

WK Fan 730 photos! That's lot! Your bird and cat photos are great, I really like it! Congratulations :)

craig Thank you so much! :-)

Aga Ka Congratulations on your tookapic project!

craig Thank you!

noun Waw! congratulations Craig! I'm happy that you're still on Tookapic!

craig Thank you Noun!

Kateli Wow ! That's great ! It shows how passionate you are about photography and I'm so happy to be able to follow you ! Keep up the great shots and especially the bird ones !!! ;0)

craig Thanks so much for your support Kate!

Eva Congratulations, Craig! Your pictures has been part of my routine during these two years and I've to thank you so much also for your daily support. Keep up with these great shots of yours! :)

craig Thank you Eva!

Tomasz Dolata Congratulations Craig !

Danuta Great congratulations !!! I am full of admiration, great feat! ...Congratulations on perseverance! ..I admire the passion for bird photography! :)

Hanna Gawrychowska @craig, great congratulations
I love your photos (espacially of swans) and I'm glad that you continue your project

Hanna Gawrychowska and ... beautiful photo

craig Thank you so much Hanna!

superczapla Great congratulations for your TWOcapic !!!

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