Street Debut

This is way, way, way out of my comfort zone. But this week's theme is a great opportunity to finally break out of the comfy everyday photo routine. Here's my debut. I did shoot few more today, but I think this one is the best especially with the ad in the window which I think is impossible to translate to english - "Be mobile. Be comfortable" - something like that. (Anyone wants to try translating?).

Noone killed me, noone shouted. I don't think anyone even noticed I was taking photos in the street. Nothing to fear I guess.

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  • Satoshi T

    Just street debut from straight ahead. Amazing.

  • agnieszka bladzik

    you forgot about this one 😉 +Vikings

  • Jan Buchta

    It's a great theme but I feel the same when I'm thinking about street photo. Of course I know that people won't shoot me if I take photo on the street. I don't know actually why I'm afraid of.

    • Michał

      I feel the same. A mixture of anxiety and uncertainty of reaction. I think it should be easier in a crowded space but still I find street photography quite challenging exercise. One hint I've came across not so far ago is to slow down, stay still, just wait. If you're in a rush, taking good street photo is much more difficult.

      • Jan Buchta

        Tomorrow I'm gonna try to beat this feeling and take some street photo. It's not comfy but it's always one step ahead. Today i took my camera to work but i forgot my memory card.

    • Paweł Kadysz

      I'm feeling the same. And I don't think this feeling will go away even after 100 street pics. But that's the point I think. To do it anyway.

    • Ginger

      Anytime I try to take a street photo including strangers I feel like kinda like a thief who stole their peace, intimacy, personal space ect... And I just get too shy to take a pic...

      • Ian Prince

        I know the feeling. One way around that is to pluck up the courage and say "Hi, I'm a photographer, I'd love to take a photo of you, are you OK with that?". You'd might be surprised how most strangers say yes 😀 OK, maybe not "street photography" in the purest sense, but I learned a lot in my "stranger portrait" series using exactly that technique:

  • Ian Prince

    Great to see you stepping out of your confort zone 😀 Surprising things happen when you do that 😀

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