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MaciekArciszewski Nic :) Welcome Japan Hero :D

Ian Prince Our #tookapichero from Tokyo :)

Satoshi T Thank you @Ian ! :)

tania Very nice composition !

Satoshi T Thank you @tania :)

Katrina Yu Keep the light on #tookapichero 💪🏼

The light is soooo perfect here Satoshi San. That hairlight is so wonderful on you.

Satoshi T Thank you for powerful message 💪🏼 @Katrina !

marek Good job !

Satoshi T Thank you @marek ! :)

Danuta Today and I wanted to be HERO Tookapic, unfortunately I have a problem with a bank charge :( :/ ....It is very sad that such a difficult financial situation Tookapic ,and by the way, great photo @Satoshi !

Satoshi T Thank you @Danuta . Similar to you, some people seem to have problems with credit card transactions. It is a pity that you can not do it though you have intention of saving Tookapic. Please solve it and save Tookapic.

Danuta Yes Satoshi I will do everything possible, I hope I will be able to solve this problem and finally I will be one of you who save in those difficult times Tookapic to last and was with us forever!

Satoshi T Even if you can not make a temporary remittance now, if you continue to have intention like you in the long term, it will lead to hope. Keep on together!

Danuta Yes !!! We can not allow such a great community to disappear in the future, we must support as long as we can and keep together ! ... I really liked this place, many wonderful people with beautiful artistic soul, twisted positively!

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