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craig Oh no Satoshi! That is bad! :(

Satoshi T Thank you for your kindness @craig, but I'm not too worried. Something, I feel like my experience with Tookapic over 300 days has been stored not in my computer but in myself and this site...

Roman Czarny We also feel save your people in their hearts

Tomasz Dolata uuu is a drama, I hope that the rescue disk....

vera OMG! I wish you to find the solution!

Kazzi Satoshi, everything will be ok and You won't lose nothing, it's just a little error to be solved. It's gonna be okay, You'll see :)

Satoshi T Yesterday I've tried to save boot sector. But probably I made a little mistake. but that has led to serious consequences. Simply said, now I can't access all the RAW files past 10 years. I'm confused. Now I need "Zen". I must change my way of thinking. Specifically, it does not take too large number of photos, rather than anything keep to place on my own, be distribute on the cloud... Thank you @Roman , @Tomasz , @vera and @Kazzi . Fortunately I now do not have access to the photos of the past, only the creative mind is left...

Joost van Halm Hi @Satoshi sorry to hear about this. May I offer you some advice (maybe too late 👎🏻). Don't do anything with this drive, bacause it can only get worse. Buy a new drive and and install windows on that one while your original drive is temporary disconnected. When windows is running again, turn off, connect the disk and copy all userfiles to a safe location. I'm sorry for the next line... Please make back-ups...

Satoshi T I made mistake because I was not calm in my mind. I will not touch on that driveS -Unfortunately they are striping for speed X) - for a while, then I will create another environment for salvaging as you say. Thank you @Joost .

Joost van Halm At your service @Satoshi! Stripes are dangerous, if one drive fails... Best thing for speed is an SSD, but with a big capacity they are much more expensive... I Use an SSD for editing and a RAID NAS for storage (with a backup...) I should make a photo of that NAS.... Technology ;-)

Ian Prince Ouch. I'm totally paranoid about backups. I really really must write an article here on that.... That said, I wish you all the Zen possible ....

Satoshi T It is very important to backup!! I can't access now but I hope datas still on harddrives. someday, I will salvage them. I decide to change the data keeping method.

Satoshi T I'd thought about danger of strips ;) . so I'd created a mirror of a couple of strips -RAID of 4 disks- but this time , odd side of strips destroyed at the same time Unfortunately!! I recognized to use method of backup other than RAID in a computer. NAS is good idea. Thank you @Joost .

Joost van Halm Good luck!

Ewa Kudlaty @Satoshi don't worry. I keep finger crossed. BTW You have real photo for weekly theme 😀

Satoshi T Thank you @Ewa .

bvphotosnap I'm so sorry to hear about this situation @Satoshi

Kazzi You know, what they say. There are people who do backups and people who will do backups. I'm in the second category since I lost all my files (ALL! Music, videos, photos, documents, every-single-file) from 2005-2011 preiod, all photos from my first D90 included (even if I had it only for six months)

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