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About 4 weeks left until tookapic dies


I did the math again today. In the bank account tookapic has money for about 4 weeks. After that - if nothing changes - I will have to pull the plug and shut down the site.

At the moment we're $1500/mo short. That's the amount I've been paying every month from my own pocket to keep this thing running. I can't afford it anymore.

You know what the worst part is? We've built an awesome thing that people love. We have a product market fit. There's a business model that finally started to work. But it all came too late, and we're simply out of money.

No, kickstarter won't work in where tookapic is based (we couldn't afford a campaign anyway). Crowdfunding is not an option, I'm afraid. It's not that simple as it looks.

The best thing that could happen right now is a sponsor/partner/advertiser with $2000/mo budget. That would buy us another month or two to find a better solution.

I will do my best to save the site and this community. I will be working until the very last day (I think we won't even make it to tookapic's third birthday, which I already started planning). But it doesn't look good, I tell you.

I'm even willing to sell, just to keep this place up for you.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, the stage is yours.

PS. Of course, once the site shuts down (if it shuts down), we'll do refunds on Hero subscriptions over time (don't think we can afford refunding all at the same time).

Started by Paweł Kadysz Paweł Kadysz on
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  • Michał

    Sounds serious 😞

    Have you tried to contact any business angels? Unfortunately I do not know any, but maybe other tookapickers might suggest some?

    • Paweł Kadysz

      I did talk to few. Two of them interested. But no results so far.

      • Paweł Kadysz

        That's also not that simple as it seems to be. We hear about the big investments or projects backed by angels. But for every backed up project there are thousands that didn't get funded.

        • Michał

          Yes, I can imagine that. So yet another scenario wolud be to arrange partnership with some global stock photography agency. For example EyeEm done that with Getty. I know, it may sound close to impossible, but let's pretend like this thread is a kind of brainstorming session. What else can we do?

    • vera

      Oh my God Pawel! I'm so sad to hear that! I don't find the words... of course it's sad for all of us, but also I think of you, the great job you make, how hard it is! I can't help better, but just give you these words of the heart...

    • Daniel Borth

      How many hero users tookapic need ?

    • Ginger

      I am going to buy hero acc since tomorrow and I bet many of us gonna do this, hearing that catastrophy is coming... But... What about changing rules of payment? Maybe any option of free donations of various amount, according to every user possibilities, would work better? I have sold my web page lately for pretty nice money, so I can get to know if they are willling to buy yours page too...But obviously it gonna lost its spirit this way, and it would be such a pity... Hopefully it is possible to keep this awesome project as it is so far... Good luck, to you Paweł, and somehow to all of us.

      Guys, we all love tookapic, let's rescue it all together 😀

    • Łukasz Brożek

      It's so sad information. I hope that we will find funds for Tookapic.

      There will no better time to buy hero account and support tookapic.

    • Paweł Kadysz

      One idea we had was turning tookapic into paid-only community. You get 30 days of free trial and if you like what you get - you need to get the subscription.

      I'm not sure though how would that affect the community.

      • Satoshi T

        There is concern that students will decrease from members when charging.

        However, if you divide membership fee by age, I think that people who spoof age will occur. so the system should be clear.

        In order to acquire a good photographer, I think if his/her picture was sold during the grace period of 30 days, there may be a preferential treatment that extends the free period.

        Urgently, I will buy a T-shirt and upgrade to a super hero.

        • Paweł Kadysz

          While dividing by age sounds reasonable - kids with no income also take amazing photos - I don't think it's possible to actually check if people are certain age. We can't ask for a birth certificate on signup 😉

          Keep them ideas coming!

        • bartosz palus

          But you can ask for student id photo. Students discounts are very popular, even on some websites

        • vera

          I'll also buy a T-shirt!!!

        • Przemysław Buzdygan

          as far as I remember ( @Paweł correct me if Im wrong) T-shirt is not a big income for Tookapic - better way is to invest that money directly to Tookapic...

        • vera

          I'm already superhero (yellow star), and if I can I would give directly money 😉

      • bartosz palus

        For sure it is better that closing it totally, but it will be way harder to get new members..

        • Gogi Golzman

          pawel ! if this idea is the only one for this incredible community. than do it

          i'm sure everybody will pay what it needs

          including me =]

      • Rafal

        Some ideas come to me:

        - gradation of the fee (two or three steps) - fee dependable profits (for less money paid you got some infos from the panel, then normal fee as it is and vip/super hero)

        - or first month gratis, then consecutively every 2-4 months 25% raise of the fee (from 5 zl/month in first months up to 20 zl/months on last two months of the first year project)

        - and You should write this info from the entry of this post in Polish and

        - send this bilingual info to every tookapicker personally

        • Przemysław Buzdygan

          @Paweł if You will open up tookapic for free donations I will pay extra money(and it doesnt count for me that Im Hero already). Progress bar or something should be in visible place on website. All tookapic community should know about it (about situation and need of help) and maybe Talks are just not enough - place it on the main site! Second thing is: I dont want refund from tookapic hero. We need more Tookapic Heros....

          • Urszula Stachowicz

            I totally agree. I didn't bought my hero acount because of the extra features (they're cool, but I could leave without them), but because Tookapic is the greatest community and idea and I wanted to support it. And we can't lose it!

            • Paweł Kadysz

              I think that's one of the main problems. While, as @Ian mentioned 10% of conversion is a great result for a freemium model - the features we offer for premium users are not incentivising enough to get them to upgrade. Majority of Heroes upgraded because of the community, and not because the additional features.

              There's no "killer feature" that makes upgrading no-brainer. But this only confirms that the core of tookapic is worth paying for and maybe we really should make it a paid-only community.

            • Ian Prince

              Exactly. The "killer features" are not the technical features, but the community and what it means to anyone who want to make photography a part of their life. I know a premium model is not what you originally planned but I think you might be happily surprised how many members who have posted over 30 or 60 photos are ok with a premium model. And like I mentioned in tookapic.com/talks/... most of the members are using equipment in the hundreds of dollars, but that doesn't make necessarily them better photographers or get more out of photography. Being part of the vibrant tookapic does though 😀 Which makes a monthly or yearly subscription a relatively small amount in comparison and well worth it !

        • Lesley

          Where is the Hero information? This is the first I have ever heard of it. Maybe there are many who don't know?

        • agnieszka bladzik

          do tookapic earn more from hero accounts or selling photos on stock part? I wonder how we can increase photo sales, you probably also 'investing' our sales money if they are under 50$ still so ceding it to tookapic will not change much 😞

          • Przemysław Buzdygan

            Situation is serious but looking into size of Tookapic community it should not be a problem to collect 200 x 7$-8$ to have 1500-1600$. To extinguish a fire on Tookapics board You need to open donations - I can guarantee my 25PLN per month extra and Im sure that we will find another 199 Tookapickers who will help...

            • Ginger

              This is also my idea, which I presented here yesterday. I am sure it would work fine.

            • Darek

              I support any idea of this service, especially additional donations. I was going to pay for a hero as a monthly subscription but would be willing to buy a yearly subscription if that would improve the situation a little.

              • Rafał Morawiec

                Bring to Us free donations and We'll do the best We'll can 😀

                • Jakub Bobrowski

                  And is it possible to donate "virtual money" for tookapic from sales of photos? One button to share your earned money - under Tookapic support? They are not big amounts, but "grain to grains" ...

                  • Ian Prince

                    Paweł, I'm sorry to hear about the financial situation. I'm sure it must terribly stressful and saddening after having put in so much hard work... and money from your savings. I'm sure I speak for the community in saying that we're extremely grateful for what you have created and financially supported for so long.

                    I think we/you have to assume the chances of a sponsor/partner/advertiser being found in just four weeks is very slim.

                    OK, these a rough figures (correct me where I'm wrong) but from what I understand there are about 100 active members with a paying subscription. The other 900 active members do not have a subscription. While 10% "conversion" rate is a good value, it's doesn't make tookapic financial viable with a total community of 1'000 active members.

                    I understand your goal of making that number much larger. As much as I believe tookapic has that potential to be a community into the tens or hundreds of thousands, that's not going to happen over the next four weeks,

                    So, desperate times need desperate measures!

                    So I'm going to be blunt. The only measure that's stands a decent chance of short-term survival is to make tookapic a website where subscriptions are mandatory.

                    For sure the community is going to be smaller, but a financially sustainable one. Right now we have the choice of a small community, or no community at all.

                    As with most business plans, execution is key. There are quite a few good ideas that have already been shared here. Let me humbly share a few of mine.

                    Regarding the subscriptions themselves:

                    - subscriptions are mandatory after the first 30 or 60 days or photos. Surely a members who posts that many photos is getting great value from tookapic?

                    - student price reductions. Hey I was a student once!

                    - yearly subscription at a heavy discount .Two big advantages (1) "cash-in-the-bank" and (2) new members with "skin-in-the-game" to motivate them to go to 365 as they have already paid for a year

                    Regarding the "roll-out" over the next four weeks, a few ideas:

                    - a direct mail to un-subscribed members announcing the changes (as suggested: in English and Polish!)

                    - a direct mail to hero members members proposing a super-hero upgrade to support tookapic in these difficult times. Clearly state how the pro-rata billing works

                    - some kind of gratification to those who purchase a subscription. It could just be as simple as a page that lists "<member> subscribed today, yeah!"

                    - as much as I dont like them a pop-up to unsubscribed members inviting them to purchase a subscription

                    -some kind of status page showing how the "save tookapic" movement is going

                    Hope these ideas help. I'm sure many others have good ones too, and I look forward to reading them,

                    The next four weeks are probably going to be very busy! You have my full support.

                    • tigg

                      Very level-headed post here, Ian; I am sure that many users of the site are in complete ignorance of a] the financial commitment for Pawel [and I would say I do not really know the true facts] and b] that they could do more to help. I accept that not everyone can afford a full subscription .... but I imagine many could and thy cannot be bothered, want something good for nothing, didn't realise the existence of Hero ... the list goes on. I was shocked to read your note stating only 100 members subscribe ....?

                      • Rafal

                        And one more thing, I have just paid yearly hero fee, but thing about sms payment every month, which some youngsters like much more than paypal or credit card

                    • jewels

                      Fully agree with Ian! The site should go to a subscriptions only website! Just upgraded to Superhero and I am sure a lot of the community would not mind paying for this wonderful community. You could do a couple more levels of subscription, and as Ian proposed, one for students. Thanks for all you are doing Pawel, with you all the way!

                    • Aga Ka

                      I agree on this with Ian. The thing is that you are giving as a great product and as Ian said, we can have smaller community or no community at all. I don't think I will be the first one to tell you this Pawel, but I am going to say it anyway: I did not upgrade because the free version wasn't enough, I did upgrade because I appreciate how good the free version is! Don't get me wrong, I know that some people will not be able to afford it, I m going to be blunt now too - to be honest I might have to stop the project myself at the moment and come back later in a few months, which I don't mind doing. The thing is though @Paweł that you cannot /should not pay for tookapic forever. In the end there are many games for example on which I cannot or don't want to spend money (goes for everyone, not just me and games are just one example ofc) because they are not worth the money or I cannot miss that money and than I just don't play those games (if you know what I mean). I buy/use products that are worth paying for in my opinion, and tookapic is one of those. It does sounds harsh, I know but this is the reality for all of us. I would be very careful with keeping free option on tookapic and add extra donations only. The thing is that (I assume) you want tookapic to grow. Even with successful growth you might constantly find yourself with the same problem - to many users to little hero users/donations. Maybe check if bit of price reduction is possible to keep as many people as possible? I know it must be difficult Pawel, I can only imagine the time you spent on tookapic and making it work. You did build something great and I really hope there is a way to save tookapic.

                    • Juliett

                      We have a feature that tells us what cameras people are using, can you add a feature to facilitate the sale of cameras ? for paid members only with tookapic charging a fee per sale. Sites selling physical objects seem to make a lot of money. This could also open up the community through people buying things.

                      • Darek

                        And what about ads - more ads on the home page? Would increasing the advertising profits would somehow help? I have a monthly hero license but I have not disabled ad serving options.

                      • jokele

                        To save the costs for resources like storage space and bandwith, maybe it's an option to delete outdated accounts with all photos. I think, if someone doesn't pay for the account, the account must not be alive for ages, when tookapic itself is in danger.

                        With outdated accounts I mean accounts, where no photos were uploaded for a while.

                        • Paweł Kadysz

                          Obviously, free donation is a great idea, but would take us few weeks to implement. Tax laws in Poland are horribly confusing. But we could do something else...

                          Some kind of perks (in unlimited amount) that you can purchase from tookapic. Right now the only idea I had was additional stars to be able to favorite more photos. But that's not that incentivising, I think.

                          Any other ideas?

                          • Rafał Morawiec

                            Maybe sth like "premium" photos? You know, user choose his photo, pay and it will be displayed at separate page like featured or debuts.

                            • Rafał Morawiec

                              That I used quotes 😉 It's only for "hide" free donations 😀

                            • Aga Ka

                              I agree that it would lead to bad photos being promoted, that would lead to tookapic changing in the way I personally would not want it to change. Photos that are promoted should be indeed worth promoting.

                          • craig

                            I think the all the incentivising we need is that this is a way to get funds into Tookapic and keep it afloat, features can be developed as time permits in the future.

                            • Przemysław Buzdygan

                              If implementing free donation mechanism is "complicated", maybe "buy a badge" is better solution?

                              User could buy a badge (logo of Tookapics helper/healer) that will last for a month. Badge can be visible like other icons/badges (eg hero, finished project etc) - or better it can be a second ring around users Photo (gold ring etc). At the end of month system can send a reminder to buy a badge again - You can set the minimal price for that badge eg. 15-25PLN without limit for max - or maybe leave this without min price...

                              • Paweł Kadysz

                                I think that's what Super Hero badge is 😉

                              • Przemysław Buzdygan

                                It is more like workaround for free donation mechanism... that is true that Hero badge means that user supports Tookapic, but in the "Time of storm" it could be explained/marked as extra support/donation - maybe someone want to buy this once without commitment to time/payment frequency etc... You know "grain to grain"

                              • Ian Prince

                                I'm pretty sure that (1) subscriptions can be downgraded or even cancelled and (2) for upgrades to super-hero you are only billed pro-rata the end of you current hero subscription. It's less than you might think.

                          • agnieszka bladzik

                            some kind of icon next to the name? not exactly hero but supporter? different types and amounts - for 1 day, week etc.? or like new achievement you can buy

                          • Hanna G

                            łatwiej mi będzie w języku ojczystym za co z góry przepraszam - nie zgadzam się z poprzednikami, że polskie prawo podatkowe w zakresie darowizn jest skomplikowane.

                            Problem nie w prawie podatkowym ale w przepisach regulujących zbiórki publiczne.

                            Z punktu widzenia prawa podatkowego istotne jest, że Tookapic jest spółką z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością a co za tym jest tzw. osobą prawną i ma do niego zastosowanie ustawa o podatku dochodowym od osób prawnych. Zgodnie z przepisami tej ustawy opodatkowaniu podlega dochód bez względu na źródło jego powstania co w uproszczeniu oznacza, że wszelkie darowizny łączy się z pozostałymi przychodami a następnie pomniejsza o wszystkie koszty uznane podatkowo -> jeżeli wystąpi nadwyżka przychodów nad kosztami podatkowymi to tak obliczony dochód podlega opodatkowaniu. Jeżeli wystąpi nadwyżka kosztów podatkowych nad przychodami oznacza to, że spółka poniosła straty podatkowe - z tego co napisał Paweł wynika, ze Tookapic nie ma dochodu (gdyby był dochód nie byłoby problemu) lecz stratę podatkową a co za tym dochód nie wystąpi i nie wystąpi podatek do zapłaty.

                            Istotne w sprawie jest aby nie doszło do zbiórki publicznej lecz do prywatnych darowizn a wtedy problem jest prosty do rozwiązania. Zbiórki publiczne mogą być prowadzone wyłącznie przez podmioty wymienione w odpowiedniej ustawie, w określony ustawą sposób i na cele w tej ustawie wymienione - Tookapic 'nie załapuje' się a co za tym darowizny mogą być wpłacane 'na zasadach ogólnych'.

                            a jeszcze prostsza jest opłata miesięczna za korzystanie z serwisu

                            • Magda Ko

                              Happy to hear that some of you just bought "Hero" to support Tookapic. I agree that 30-60 days using Tookapic should be FOC and after that time you can charge 50% , after 300 days full amount. Paweł If you have still some manpower I would suggest develop more sales items like calendars, postcards, posters. It should bring extra money and maybe new customers for stock as well. Christmas is just around the corner and people might look for something special for souvenirs. Does everyone already print book with your photos? I have done it twice and this is so beautifully done. Can wait to print next one.

                              • Ian Prince

                                As they say "A picture is worth a thousand words" +#tookapichero (Stairs #29)

                              • Łukasz Brożek

                                In 2016 I bought my hero subscription (annualy option) and because of that I cannot upgrade my account to super hero or did I miss something?

                                Anyway I bought my first tookapic tshirt. 😛

                                • Ian Prince

                                  Great that you've been supporting tookapic for so long. And cool for the t-shirt. You can go to tookapic.com/account/... and upgrade. You only pay the extra needed to go the end of your subscription, so it might be less than you expected.

                                  • v agnès

                                    I just tried to upgrade to super hero but as @Lukasz it doesn't work.

                                    For the rest I fully agree, after a few days (30 or so) people can be asked to pay a fee.

                                  • Ian Prince

                                    Great, two more super-heroes 😀 I've pinged @Paweł on what you're reporting - let's see what he says.

                                  • Łukasz Brożek

                                    Thanks Ian.

                                    I tried to do it there, but it doesn't work. Oh I'm not the only one with this issue.

                                    We have to wait for Paweł's response. 😀

                                  • Ian Prince

                                    It's being fixed. Billing systems are notoriously difficult to code.

                                  • Bridget Braun

                                    Can someone tell me the difference between Hero and Super hero? I've been a Hero since that was even an option and I had no idea Super hero even existed until now.

                                  • Ian Prince

                                    Hi Bridget. Super hero subscriptions are a way to for members of the community to provide extra financial support. Currently it has exactly the same features as a Hero account, except for the "gold" star. The extra tier came into being just after tookapic.com/talks/... back in May when it raised an awareness of how fragile the financial situation was.

                                  • Bridget Braun

                                    Thanks for the reply Ian

                              • Mikołaj

                                Shut up and take my money! I'm a total newbie and it hasn't even been two weeks since I joined tookapic, but I already love it! Storing my poor pictures from the 365 project on my hard drive simply wouldn't be the same. Watching other beginners struggle with their project and getting better each day, as well as advanced users producing such inspiring works is just amazing. Not to mention technical aspects: beautiful design, usability and API I was planning to use.

                                Paweł, you are the best and I appreciate your work so much!

                              • Kazziz

                                Guys, instead of simple donations You can buy hero for people who don't have it, and who's work You admire.

                              • zlasu

                                What mainly generates those cost? Is hosting or something else?

                                • Paweł Kadysz

                                  Maintaining the site (development, bug fixing, new features). Hosting comes second.

                                  • Satoshi T

                                    Except for urgent Maintenance, lowering the pace of improvement of the site a little does not lead to cost reduction?

                                  • zlasu

                                    Development and new features do not sound like fixed cost in case of financial problems. I have a 2mln visit and 5mln page views/mo website that costs me around 300$/mo

                                  • Paweł Kadysz

                                    Our AWS bill is around $700/mo, 40% of which is EC2. Tookapic is not a static website. We process thousands of high resolution images every month and need the computing power which unfortunately... costs a lot. Storage and bandwith is only 14% of the bill.

                                  • zlasu

                                    Aws is a quite expensive solution, I higly recommend looking at alternatives. I use digitalocean.com and I am super happy with that service)

                                  • Paweł Kadysz

                                    We moved from Digitalocean more than a year ago. Having all-in-one solution like AWS is worth the price. Keep in mind that besides just the server we also need SQS for queueing the processes, SNS for push notifications on mobile apps, Cloudfront for response time, Elastic Cache, Elastic Search and few more services. And it's all in one place. Reliable and easy to scale.

                                  • Przemysław Buzdygan

                                    Some time ago I have started to upload photos not in full resolution. Im using export settings 2048 on long edge, dont enlarge, 250ppi (what is far MORE that we need to see it on screen) Maybe You should limit upload to such parameters? It will save some computing power, storage and bandwith at same time?

                                  • Paweł Kadysz

                                    If you don't plan to print those photos or sell them on stock. That's fine. But if you do - please upload full resolution pics.

                                  • Ian Prince

                                    Yes, tookapic is certainly reliable (and fast!) and I understand you going for AWS. DO is cheaper (and decent too!), but the really cheap long-term option is to go for a bare-metal server 😉 But that requires quite a bit of re-engineering and up-front investment so not really a viable short-term option.

                                  • Przemysław Buzdygan

                                    What do You think? How many people is planing to sell or print book? Mostly they are ONLY uploading photos in full resolutions... Maybe it is worth to make some changes in this area: 1. Allow to upload only in "small resolution". 2. If someone will check "Sell" then suggest to choose better quality. 3. If someone will decide to print book, system can inform "check Your photo quality/upload better resolution". Maybe it will be not perfect solution for user, but much better for Tookapic -it could help to cutout some costs..

                                  • Satoshi T

                                    Basically I have uploaded 365 project as Stock photo -I would like project /people who want use them as Stock Photo-. I imagine that the storage capacity cost is probably not high even with the current cost. Although Tookapic make re-compressed image -and auto-tagging etc.- to show it, I think that it will use CPU resources at that time. But I think that there is a merit of Tookapic rule , one re-compressing for one photographer per day, but several hundreds to thousand times seen the re-compressed image.

                                  • Tomek Zimnocho

                                    Are mobile apps scaling down photos before uploading? maybe that would help a bit?

                                  • zlasu

                                    Ok, I understand. Did you ever try to optimise image scaling process? Do you think it is optimal? What technologies and params you are using? There are huge differences between in terms of needed resources, (minimagick, ImageMagick, RMagick, libgd etc)

                                  • Paweł Kadysz

                                    We use Glide for image processing. Moved from Imgix which got to expensive for us.

                                  • zlasu

                                    Glide is just a wrapper - did you tested how it performa with default (libgd) and ImageMagick ?

                              • jazzie

                                I can not upgrade to super hero, there is an error when I try to do so 😞

                                • Paweł Kadysz

                                  We're looking into it.

                                  • Paweł Kadysz

                                    Can you please check if your card is fine? If it hasn't been expired? Does it have enough funds on it?

                                    • jazzie

                                      Where can I find/change my card informations?

                                    • Nutt

                                      I'm having the same problem, can't upgrade to superhero and can't figure out where my card info is kept...

                                    • Nutt

                                      ...But I just found Ian's comment that it's being fixed. Will wait!

                                    • Satoshi T

                                      Fortunately I was able to upgrade soon. However, I do not know the page to check / change card information ... Do I have to go to the Paddle site?

                                • Comment was removed.
                                • elliss

                                  Maybe we all will put tommorow a pic encouraging people to subscribe to Hero? Like @Ian today?

                                • Bartłomiej Jacak

                                  It's so sad to hear that... Tookapic made me a muuuch better photographer. To be honest – thanks to it I've started my adventure with a photography. The problem is that I don't earn money yet, but I'll do whatever I can to support it. Cheer up @Paweł, it's not the end. You've built a great site with a great community and we will do everything to support you!

                                  • Michał Smorowski

                                    I've been thinking about buying a subscription for a long time, and finally this situation convinced me (i've bought annually subscription). Tookapic helped me a lot so I can't imagine that hard work of Paweł and his team can be wasted!

                                    • fayer77

                                      I think you have sth other companies would be interested. I mean data. What, when, with what, where. Make it available through API and sell monthly subscription. Maybe even big players would be interested (Adobe, Canon, Nikon, Apple, Google?). Have you try to analyze those data? What I saw as innovative in Tookapic it was tagging - done automatically. Maybe this is that hidden value? Maybe you could try to analyze the data you have with Power Bi to find trends, correlations? Then maybe you will think of new value proposition for B2B customers?

                                      • Paweł Kadysz

                                        Auto tagging is done through third party API. It's not our technology.

                                        • fayer77

                                          But you own/save this data in your database (tags)? Together with other metadata from each picture.

                                        • Satoshi T

                                          Is there anything else that is outsourcing to third party with other technologies and can cost cut?

                                    • Nutt

                                      So, while I'm waiting for the superhero upgrade issue to be resolved, I've bought another tshirt. @Paweł , please take your time sending it. No hurry. Next year is fine. 😉

                                      • Satoshi T

                                        @Paweł I also do not want T-shirts right now. I hear to the story of money shorts, I chose Ambassador T-shirt as method of sending the highest money in the current mechanism.

                                        • vera

                                          I also buy a t-shirt and the book of my first 365th (finally)... No hurry to send it to me @Pawel!

                                          • Satoshi T

                                            If you find excellent student members, I think it is very good for both Tookapic's finance and his/her motivation to give "Buy Hero" gift 😀

                                          • tigg

                                            I so agree .. but hard to identify them?

                                      • Tiljans

                                        Is everybody allways reading the talks? I don't think so, maybe you can let pop up a link to your message when we upload our picture next day (only once must be enough...)

                                        • Łukasz Brożek

                                          I agree with that. It's a good idea.

                                          • Satoshi T

                                            There is a high possibility that the active member who watching here is Already Hero... However, non-Hero members who don't watch talk may not know. It would be better to have some popup for non-Hero members ...

                                            • jokele

                                              Actually, when you look, which people are writing in this thread - most of them are already hero member. Very few writers here are no heros.

                                              Which is surprising, because tookapic has a lot more non-hero members, than hero members - which is actually the cause for this thread....

                                            • vera

                                              Personally I can say that I didn't read the talks at the beginning of my project. I thought it would take me a lot of time in english! And now it's easier and I also feel really a part of this community! I can understand that some people don't read it. So it's a good idea Tiljans! I'll do it tomorrow!

                                        • Magda Ko

                                          I can see that some of you had a problem with upgrade, just for your information mine from hero to superhero went very smoothly.

                                        • Katrina Yu

                                          I’m so sorry, Paweł that you’re going through such stressful times.

                                          I find it amazing that ideas are just pouring from this topic. May you find something that can be helpful.


I totally agree with some people that have stated to make this a subscription website just to save the boat.

                                          Here are a few ideas from me as well:

                                          1st -I like Tookapic’s approach on the 365 project. 
The 365 project had been around for so long but this is the first site that actually focuses on doing a 365 photo project so that’s something.

                                          The reason why it’s beautiful is that the numbers are insanely motivating (for me anyway) and it helps keep the momentum going. 
It’s like Jerry Seinfeld’s - Don’t Break The Chain method.

                                          And it’s also Tookapic’s main selling point. 
Not the hero features but this motivating numbers. 

So when a person starts their 365, you can give them 30 days for free and limit their activity like hide the weekly “themes”, don’t show them the calendar etc.

 Sell to them the idea that if you apply for a Hero account you’ll have “80%” chances of sticking to this project (that’s a made up number but your statistics might show you some answer). 
Tell them that they will have access to weekly themes. 
Weekly themes have helped “50%” of our users stick to their project. (again made up number, but sticking to a theme helped me especially on those really busy uninspired days!)

                                          But not all people can join a certain theme, so create 2 or 3 theme galleries per week so that people will have other choices and more fun to explore. And the theme can only be viewed by Heroes etc.

                                          2nd - I like the calendar that pop ups every time I upload a picture. But I would love it even more if you’ll show the whole year calendar and cross out or highlight the days that I’ve posted (don’t break the chain concept - s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/a0/39/5d/...


 Not only that it shows me I have soooo many days done but it’s definitely motivating to not break that chain.
 The longer it gets the more you don't want it to break. You want people sticking and finishing their 365s and not abandoning it in the middle. Make it easier for them to see the numbers - meaning in our face everytime! haha

                                          3rd - I don’t buy the whole “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” It’s not sellable enough. 
People dig success stories. People love a good transformation story!!

 Take someone, you for example, tell their transformation stories. Put side by side comparison of Day one to their BEST work in their 365. Let them write a line or two what is the turning point or when they think they’ve reached a turning point or even just write what motivates them.
 People's focus is really all over the place nowadays so you would want something that gets them pumped up immediately. "Like, I can take a photo this bad and finish with something amazingggg after 365 days?" Give them this gut feeling. And once they're on the website show them all the reason why this is a subscription site. (With the themes idea to help them, constructive groups, "don't break the chain" calendar..etc2). Whatever to make them feel that the Hero offers so many motivating factors.

                                          You're selling : motivation

                                          And this is how you sell motivation.

                                          4th. - Groups. You’re marketing Tookapic as a way to improve your photography. Which is also the main reason why a person actually starts a 365 - to get better. 
But this is what Tookapic is missing.

                                          Constructive criticism comment option is NOT enough because people don’t actually post them for fear of offending others .
Create a group for different types of photography, say portraits or post postprocess. Then a person can "share" their picture there to actually be open for criticism (asking what do you think?) or asking for how to achieve a certain look. 
People then can chip in their opinions/criticism/ideas/post-process. 
It’s different to post a picture and have someone “constructively criticize” it in the comments than to have themselves post it in a group seeking for advice.

                                          Of course, groups can only be accessed by Heroes.

 I think the site is just missing this kind of interaction. People post their photo and just leave. Give them more reason to stay. And you have such an amazingly active community so interactions are not a problem.

                                          We are with you all the way.

                                          • jazzie

                                            I like the idea of introducing groups!

                                            • Jakub Bobrowski

                                              After reading another idea came to me. A regular account allows you to take and upload a photo the same day. The Hero account gives you the ability to upload photos the next day or two days after - that is the particular value that comes with upgrading your account. What do you say?

                                              • Katrina Yu

                                                That's cool. A regular account can only upload on that day, no backtracking and since we don't want to have that missed out day on our calendar... 😉

                                              • agnieszka bladzik

                                                i think at least 2 days should stay, many people shoot in the evening - some concerts/events, they should still have the opportunity to post next day; i was never a fan of back filling - I managed to keep streak even on holidays, but still remember the days that I would run out from the meeting with friends to publish a photo and it was not fun ; i think that many people would abandon the project

                                              • jazzie

                                                I think it would be great not to loose the streak when you are a hero and can not upload during some days (maybe 7 days, once a year or such a thing): It was a little tragedy for me that during my holidays I lost my streak because I didn't have internet during two (!) days. I even travelled to the next village to look for a free wlan, but the one I found was dead slow and I could not upload a pic with a sufficient resolution -.-

                                              • vera

                                                Good idea once a year!

                                              • jewels

                                                The more I think about this, the more I believe it is a great idea, and an added value hero feature. Having the possibility to upload for 7 days without losing the streak would be a huge plus, as it i not alway easy to find a wifi when you travel. In my opinion, an option which makes a lot of sense to offer to Hero users.

                                            • Ian Prince

                                              @Katrina Interesting input, as always 😀 Yes, I think you're right about raising the emotional "gut" feelings and "people" aspects of being part of tookapic. What I find interesting is that a requiring a subscription after a 30 or 60 days is totally in line with motivating a new member to continue all the way to 365, even more so if yearly subscriptions are discounted and that is the obvious choice. I mean who doesn't want to use something the've paid for? 😉 I think this might touch on how people value things they pay for, and not value things that are free. Silly I know, but that's human nature, at least in our modern society.

                                            • Satoshi T

                                              About income. Most of the income from Hero or SuperHero , members of 365 projects? What is obtained from the Tookapic-stock subscription? Does it make sense we contributors become subscribers of Tookapic-stock?

                                              • Paweł Kadysz

                                                Well, you can. But it doesn't really makes sense for you unless you're actually going to use those photos in your professional work. Right now stock photos revenue is around 43% and Hero subscriptions are 57%. I expect Stock subscriptions to pass Hero revenue in the next few weeks.

                                                • agnieszka bladzik

                                                  did you think of expanding stock in this was that to the project you can add one photo but you can load more to stock part? I can imagine that if someone buy food photo he/she would also like photos of preparation/ingredients etc.

                                                • Paweł Kadysz

                                                  That's a good idea. But would require weeks of implementation.

                                                • Magda Ko

                                                  If subscriptions are growing increasing number of stock photo is definitely good idea. This could be as Agnieszka said from cooking photo but of course not only, very often we have dilema which photo should we upload, this might solve the problem. As I can see not many people put photos on stock but maybe it is worth to implement it.

                                                • Michał

                                                  Sure, just don't forget about such featufe after this crisis is over.

                                                  I was thinking on packing it as an option to bundle stock photos. One example with cooking. Another would be the same subject but from different perspectives, say you are shooting a train interior. The bundle would include some closeups of chairs, windows, low perspective, wide angle, etc. This might have some value for designers that would like to have several photos in the same style to use them in different parts of website, logo, icon, whatever. And of course photos purchased in such bundle could be discounted a bit compared to the single one.

                                            • jokele

                                              @Paweł change the weekly topic to "Don't let tookapic die!". I know, the current topic lasts until monday. But I saw several photographs today, which addresses this thread. Make it a campaign, to get more people knowing about tookapics problems. That's more importent then than the current topic.

                                            • torero

                                              Aside from the problem itself, maybe the shortest path would be... just increasing the visibility of the message?

                                              I've just upgraded my acc NOT because I've read this thread. I had no idea what was up. I've been only uploading my photos, browsing others, liking w/o appearing here - by now, the upgrade had been constantly in "someday / maybe" stage as I just didn't realize. I have just read about the problem on SpidersWeb. Maybe silly, but... how many people like me don't even realize about the issue as they don't read the forum at all?

                                              Maybe instead of popup ads, one popup with the proper info will do? With a link to this thread?

                                            • Maciej Chomik

                                              I was thinking about buying hero next month but i will buy it when i came home. Good luck. Finger crossed.

                                              Plus i will also donate something if there will be an option.

                                            • pb365

                                              @Paweł you have my suport


                                            • Piotr Księżopolski

                                              How much luck every year/month? How many Real users in Tookapic? We can donate equal to support the service.

                                              • Satoshi T

                                                @Paweł , It is easy to understand if we have the simple graph of necessary expenses to maintain and of revenue of the current Hero and Subscription for Stocks as for Information of Hero users.

                                              • Kamikari

                                                To jest straszne! Dopiero co niedawno dołączyłam do Tookapic, a już miałabym z nim skończyć. Tyle się napracowałam, a jestem tu chyba najmłodsza... Nie znam się na finansach, ale myślę iż warto byłoby przesłać w newsleterze informację o tym. Albo zrobić jakąś kampanię? Zareklamować serwis na jakiś blogach? Cokolwiek, nie wiem może więcej reklam w serwisie? Mam nadzieję, że uda się odratować Tookapic!

                                              • Comment was removed.
                                              • Karolina Oksiędzka

                                                For me the subscription for the hero and super hero account is way to high. I think it might be the problem. If the subscription was lower I wouldn't hesitate to pay and I think that lot of people thinks the same way, but is to afraid to talk :(. Honestlly? My own portfolio costs less :/. The solution I see is to make some gadgets or make the site pay only but with a small amount of money for example 1/4 or 1/3 of the price it is today. I'd rather buy a gadget from the website or donate a certain sum of money than pay the subscription as it is today :(.

                                                • Paweł Kadysz

                                                  I totally understand your point of view. Unfortunately if we were to charge $2/mo instead of $6, our "profit" would be just a couple of cents which is obviously pointless.

                                                  Look at it from a different angle. One year of tookapic is actually just a fraction of a decent lens price. And tookapic improves people's photography way more than a new lens.

                                                  But of course paying for tookapic is not mandatory (at least for now), and you'll do it only if you want to.

                                                  • torero

                                                    I don't think Hero plan costs too much - when one looks at monthly cost, it's approx. like single McD visit. The "regime" of everyday's photo is worth faaaar more, at least for me.

                                                  • Paweł Kadysz

                                                    And if you break it into daily costs ($0,20 or 0,80pln per day) it's actually 3 times cheaper than a can of Coke.

                                              • Comment was removed.
                                              • Tymoteusz Stępień

                                                Fk - big community.. and it will be closed?

                                                No way - worst thing is I will start start school soon and I can't buy right now hero or any subscription... maybe... I need do math too and maybe in next week *wink* but I don't promise. About "saving" on global... 4 weeks (in worst option)... It could be time for learning or time for find people who know how to make good crowdfounding? Kickstarter etc... Maybe it's not "easy" in polish tax law.. but who can do this, if not we? Selling "site" is for me bad option, specially when you do your work well.

                                                Nah, I just keep finger crossed.

                                                • Szymon Maciejczyk

                                                  @Paweł jak finanse ? czy jest już kasa na następny miesiąc ?

                                                  • Łukasz Kaczmarski

                                                    Paweł Kadysz może, poszerzył byś ofertę Premium o kilka tańszych abonamentów. Teraz nie zapłacę 24zł miesięcznie, ale gdyby była opcja pakietu za 5zł czemu nie. Ziarnko do ziarnka a zbierze się miarka 😀

                                                    • Paweł Kadysz

                                                      Przemyślę. A zapłaciłbyś 0,70zł dziennie?

                                                      • Łukasz Kaczmarski

                                                        Narazie nie, bo to jest 21zł miesięcznie. Ale gdybym mógł wykupić abonament do 10 zł/ miesiecznie oczywiście mocno okrojony w stosunku do tego za 27, nawet dziś zakładam zlecenie stałe. Tak czy siak, w podzięce za motywację do zrobienia 194 zdjęć, dziś zrobię wyjątek i kupię pakiet premium.

                                                      • Paweł Kadysz

                                                        Nie musisz jeśli nie chcesz tego robić. Przynajmniej narazie korzystanie z tookapic jest możliwe za darmo. Ale Twoja uwaga o cenach jest bardzo cenna i zdecydowanie do przemyślenia. Dzięki!

                                                    • jenth23

                                                      Jakieś opcje płatności poza kartą kredytową czy paypal by się przydały. Sama miałam zamiar czekać żeby zapłacić przez Google Play (kuponami ze zdrapką). Skoro w grach można płacić kuponami paysafe czy czymś podobnym to czemu nie tutaj?

                                                  • Łukasz Kaczmarski

                                                    Chcę się jakoś odwdzięczyć, za te dni z aparatem. Może choć w małym stopniu pomogę. Twój pomysł z serwisem, pozytywnie wpłynął na życie zbyt wielu osób żeby nagle padł.

                                                    • Comment was removed.
                                                    • Katarzyna Banasiuk

                                                      Kiedy wstawiałam tu pierwsze zdjęcia nie sądziłam, że będę w stanie aż w tak dużym stopniu związać się z tą stroną... Nie wyobrażam sobie dnia kiedy mogłoby jej już nie być. 😞

                                                      • kasiek

                                                        dokładnie to samo czuje pomimo mniejszego stażu z ilością dodanych zdjęć

                                                      • Paweł Litwin

                                                        Hi @Paweł

                                                        That's very sad news. I kept my fingers crossed for this project since the day I heard about it for the first time.

                                                        I will subscribe to hero account to help you to save this site, but I have to be honest - I will pay only for maybe like a couple of months, since I see no huge benefits of this and the price is quite high to me. I wouldn't have any problems with paying up to 10 zł/month. But still - probably only until I finish my 365 project.

                                                        - Did you think about some affiliate programs? You could share some affiliation links to lenses, cameras and make money of it. I think there's huge potential in this area. As I already said, Hero account is not very attractive option to me, but if I knew I can support Tookapic by buying equipment through affiliation urls - i'd do it!

                                                        - Another option would be to sell only some additional features for some not so huge amount of money, for example part of the statistics, or ability to export your photos. I know that it would need a lot of programming work, but that's just an idea.

                                                        - I think you can also consider increasing amount of ads for non-hero users.

                                                        • jenth23

                                                          Bought Hero (monthly for now). Planned wait until it would be possible to buy with google play coupons.

                                                          • Przemysław Buzdygan

                                                            My observations:

                                                            - many users of Tookapic are not aware of problem (even people outside of Tookapic are surprised)

                                                            - many users think that Hero will give them special functionality and this is why they are not deciding to go for Hero account

                                                            - many users of Tookapic can not afford to buy Hero account

                                                            - many users want to make a donation or want much smaller subscription plan (donation is not possible, smaller Hero plan is also not possible)

                                                            - there is a possiblity to buy Hero for someone but as far as I know there is a difficulty to locate them, so even if someone want to, dont know how to find right person

                                                            Crazy solution/idea (but it will be great community movement, solution to the problem and workaround for technical limitations):

                                                            - can @Paweł point a trusted person/user with a bank account (non companys bank account), inform community about possible donations to that bank account, then that trusted person can buy Hero account for someone that dont have it. eg. for persons who donated in such way... I know about many persons that would pay much smaller money but they can not afford Hero plan.... and Yes, Im aware that it has to be a community movement rather that a regular Tookapic management action...

                                                            ...so, community, @Paweł what do You think...?

                                                          • viola

                                                            Hopefully, more and more people who declare so firmly their addiction to Tookapic will become its paid members or otherwise, Tookapic will vanish into thin air.

                                                            Mam nadzieję, że ludzie, którzy tak stanowczo deklarują swoje uzależnienie od Tookapic zdecydują sie na płatne członkostwo, bo może sie okazać, że wnet nie będą mieli gdzie tych deklaracji składać.

                                                            • noun

                                                              Dear Pawel, dear Tookapic staff, I'm so sorry for you about all these financial problems. I love this community and I'd like to help you. Any work deserves salary, and it's not normal thet you have to pay for this site. The service you develop for these photographer community is awesome.

                                                              Usualy when you use a service you have to pay for it, this must be the same for tookapic, I agree with the propostition that after one month of using Tookapic a new member have to pay to continue. Like a lot of people here, i upgraded to hero and superhero, not for most avantages, but to support. In this way and even donations seems to be complicated, is it possible to choose an other greater amout that you fixed to be a super hero? so it's not a donnation, but a fee. If it's possible I'd like to do it.

                                                              I hope a long-lasting solution will soon be found, and you can you and your staff work with more serenity.

                                                              • Paweł Kadysz

                                                                Thank you. I'm considering adding a subscription of $3/mo for a basic version of tookapic. Or at least test it somehow.

                                                              • Satoshi T

                                                                I had been optimistic about Tookapic's finances. But this time it is in a very critical situation and we depend heavily on Pawel's pocket-money.

                                                                Although I don't say to be implemented immediately, I think that it is good for Hero members to have something like a graph or meter showing the approximate state of cost and revenue in the future. Now it seems like we flight without radar in the thick clouds, I feel somewhat uneasy.

                                                                  • Paweł Kadysz

                                                                    We'll try to work something out, but that's not the priority right now. But here are the numbers.

                                                                    With #tookapichero we moved from $950 to $1550 which is a huge 60% improvement (compared to regular 15-20% we have). But that's still $1000 short in monthly recurring revenue (not including my salary, which @noun mentioned).

                                                                    That said, we'd need another 50 super heroes or 160 heroes or 300 users on a basic, $3/mo plan I mentioned few comments earlier.

                                                                    • Satoshi T

                                                                      Now we have 33 Super heroes and about 247 heroes. but when I see tookapic.com/... , the progress bar is still not reach to 😃position. @Paweł Do you think we need to change Tookapic a paid site in the near future, or are contracts with leading sponsors likely to progress?

                                                                    • Paweł Kadysz

                                                                      I’m doing my best not to switch to paid-only site. Negotiations and signing deals takes time. I don’t think I’ll be able to confirm anything 100% for another month.

                                                                      The progress bar on #tookapichero stopped growing because people started cancelling their subscriptions. The „lets all help tookapic” hype is gone and people are withdrawing their support. I can’t be mad at them. I can’t demand anything. I’m grateful even for that one month they’ve paid.

                                                                      That said - we’re still short. Quite a lot.

                                                                • Marcin

                                                                  It may be a totally messy idea. Just thinking out loud... is it possible to sell weekly themes for companies/brands? E.g., Coca-cola - theme-coca-cola or something like that. I brought up a large brand, but it can be whatever. Then, maybe it could be possible to sell photos with the brand on it to the company that bought the weekly theme.

                                                                  • Kamil Kaczor

                                                                    Good idea!

                                                                    And for example, gastronomy brand, e.g. Winiary, can buy thier own weekly theme, e.g. spices, sauces or something else. Brand pays for it, and in return may choose a certain number of pictures for his own use (unless the photographers agree to it).

                                                                    • vera

                                                                      I'm not in business, but just share you an idea... Visiting a big company in Switzerland (Nestlé), I thought first: what could Tookapic offer to this company ? Photos of coffee, food and drinks which are already in our stocks? Yes! But it's without counting the DYNAMIC and the diversity of our community! Every day we build a synergy together, there are a lot of interactions between the members across the world. It's a value that is not in the other photographers' websites I think (correct me if it's not true). We've got a capacity of creativity and also reactivity (we post every day new photos)... Could that be useful for somebody or some company who want to make publicity, presentations, ... ???

                                                                      • Phillip Flores

                                                                        It is a good idea but may be difficult to implement. The following questions come to mind: (1) Who will eventually own the photos since a company paid for them to be taken; (2) Will the tookapic members take the photos of the product(s) without getting something in return?

                                                                        • Marcin

                                                                          As I thought about it:

                                                                          - the product that is being sold is the possibility to choose a weekly theme

                                                                          - tookapic community members use their creativity and help to create materials and ideas for the advertising campaign

                                                                          - keep in mind, that the weekly themes are challenging, e.g. I enjoy to contribute something.

                                                                          - you still own your photos and you can put them on the stock

                                                                          - company by buying the weekly theme has to agree that you as a photographer can make profit of it, when company decides to buy your photo (Is it possible to restrict rights to the photo to the author?)

                                                                          - tookapic takes the profit from weekly theme and (I don't know how does it work now) possibly (partially), from stock photo sales

                                                                          just my point of possible solution, you can play with it.

                                                                          From technical point of view, no need to implement any special features in the website. Everything is already done.

                                                                          @Paweł only needs to prepare formal stuff -- paperwork, prices and advertise it among possible clients.

                                                                          EDIT: When I read it now, "only" sounds a littlebit strange. It is still a lot of work to do.

                                                                        • Phillip Flores

                                                                          It will attractive to companies because the photos will show their product(s) out there in the public arena and how it is being used rather than being set up by advertising/creative agencies.

                                                                          As long as the lines of photo ownership and copyright are clear the it is a very good solution to look at.

                                                                    • Chen YiZhou

                                                                      Oh my god @Paweł , I just know about this serious situation now...I believe Tooakpic will survive!

                                                                      I don't know any proper investors...but here is my thought. Once my pic was downloaded by Pixel, and finally used in Wall Street Journal news. I didn't know about this until one of my friend find and tell me.

                                                                      Is it possible that we open a professional channel to sell some photos in the future? Of course it is difficult for you as you have to write some commercial plans...

                                                                      Anyway, you have my support!

                                                                      And again, donation is an option to help Tookapic to get through this month if possible. I really want to help. @Paweł

                                                                      Good Luck!

                                                                    • Magda Ko

                                                                      I just turn on ads again. I recommend all Hero and SuperHero to do the same. You can find it - my account, settings, Hero options - ads free browsing OFF

                                                                    • Krzysztof Baczyński

                                                                      I will take a sentence though I am not a specialist in any of the areas I will describe. I bought a Hero though I still probably will not use most of his features. I would be more inclined to develop the possibility of getting advice on how to improve on the photograph than on statistics. I bought despite the fact that I was already halfway through the photos - an annual subscription for the fact that as much as I was emotionally involved with the project. Not for the features that the Hero gives. I agree tookapic should be paid but I agree with others that the basic subscription should be lower to attract the most participants( 1-month free!!) . I do not understand at the same time as in the times when a month tookapic costs as much as two beers or a packet of cigarettes can be a lot. However, I read the opinion that this is a lot and you have to respect it. It seems to me that the employment of a man from the sale of advertising and services is urgently needed. Each of us music listeners and movie watchers know what the industry has to offer. In my opinion, you should not focus on selling photos. Just like with music - you will not win with a flood of free online photos - ok hi of shit but there are some interesting photos too. I do not know about marketing but someone who knows how to find a good paid photo? Has tookapic been a competition for others offering them? Advertise, advertise, advertise, let everyone think or not know any public person you could invite to a project - it always helps. You would have to think whether investing in such a face would not be worth it. Very good note in previous posts about a good target for photographic companies. But also for travel companies (trips) renting tickets (travel), tube attractions, etc. etc. I am an amateur but I emphasize that reaching advertisers should be a priority rather than selling photos. You also need to think about making a list of useful features that could offer the basic package, Hero and SuperHero. Depending on the size of the subscription, the multitude of features has to grow, but you can see what the project participants expect. Note about the book I'm trying to buy a movie I watched is there a possibility that every photo was his title and maybe the location? It would be great to raise the appeal of the book - I'm ready to pay more for it. It seems to me - I have constantly engaged ads that @Satoshi is right is the number of clicks rather than impressions. Sorry for my amateur comments. I took a voice because I care. I'm sure the worst is behind us and we can handle it. I translate Google sorry.

                                                                      Zajmę zdanie choć nie jestem fachowcem w żadnej z dziedzin które opiszę. Kupiłem Hero choć nadal prawdopodobnie nie będę korzystał z większości jego funkcji. Bardziej zależało by mi na rozwinięciu możliwości uzyskania porady co poprawić w zrobionym zdjęciu niż na statystyce. Kupiłem pomimo, że przekroczyłem już półmetek zdjęć - abonament roczny dla tego, że jak większości związałem się emocjonalnie z projektem. Nie dla funkcji które daje Hero. Zgadzam się że tookapic powinien być płatny lecz zgadzam się też z innymi, że podstawowy abonament powinien być niższy aby przyciągnąć najwięcej uczestników. Nie rozumiem co prawda jednocześnie jak w czasach gdy miesiąc tookapic kosztuje tyle co dwa piwa albo paczka papierosów może to być dużo. Czytałem jednak opinie, że jest to dużo i trzeba to uszanować. Wydaje mi się też, że zatrudnienie człowieka od sprzedaży reklam i usług jest pilnie potrzebne. Każdy z nas słuchaczy muzyki i oglądający filmy wie jakie problemy ma tamta branża. Moim zdaniem nie należy skupiać się na sprzedaży zdjęć. Tak jak z muzyką - nie wygra się z zalewem darmowych fotografii dostępnych w sieci - ok cześć z nich to gówno ale są też tam ciekawe fotografie. Nie znam się na marketing lecz ktoś kto się zna może podpowie jak trafić do firmy szukające dobrych zdjęć płatnych? Czy tookapic jest konkurencją dla innych oferujących je? Reklama, reklama, reklama, niech każdy się zastanowi czy nie zna jakiejś publicznej osoby którą można by zaprosić do projektu - to zawsze pomaga. Trzeba by pomyśleć czy inwestycja w taką twarz nie była by tego warta. Bardzo dobra uwaga w poprzednich postach o dobrym target dla firm związanych z fotografią. Ale przecież i dla firm turystycznych ( wycieczki) wynajmu lokali (podróże) biletów, atrakcji turystycznych itp. itd. Jestem amatorem - ale podkreślę, że dotarcie do reklamodawców powinno być priorytetem - a nie sprzedaż zdjęć. Trzeba też pomyśleć nad zrobieniem listy przydatnych funkcji które mógł by oferować pakiet podstawowy, Hero i SuperHero. W zależności od wysokości abonamentu mnogość funkcji musi wzrastać lecz można by sprawdzić czego oczekują uczestnicy projektów. Uwaga co do książki. Przymierzam się do zakupu oglądałem film czy istnieje możliwość aby przy każdym zdjęciu był jego tytuł i może lokalizacja? Bardzo by to podniosło atrakcyjność książki - gotowy jestem zapłacić więcej za to. Wydaje mi się - sam mam ciągle włączone reklamy że Satoshi ma rację - ważna jest ilość kliknięć a nie wyświetleń. Przepraszam za moje amatorskie uwagi. Zajęłem głos bo mi zależy. Jestem pewny, że najgorsze już za nami i, że damy radę

                                                                      • Rafal

                                                                        Z większością się zgadzam. Świetna wypowiedź.

                                                                        Kupiłem Hero również dla przywiązania do projektu i w miarę bliskiego jego zakończenia, myśląc też o następnym cyklu. Nie używam większości jego funkcji, ale najbardziej odpowiada mi grupowanie zdjęć w galerie oraz możliwość pisania do poszczególnych osób prywatnie.

                                                                        I agree with the most of the mentioned theses above. I have also bought Hero just to finish the project and hoping for next cycle. I am not using the most of its functions, except galleries (which i think I could pay) and possibility to write to people. That is most important for me as a user.

                                                                      • agnieszka bladzik

                                                                        I almost bought book once but than I saw shipping cost and it was ridiculous for me [maybe at least shipping in Poland should be cheaper?], also it's not stated at the beginning so you are surprised at the end. Moreover I don't think many new users know where to find the photobook creator.

                                                                        If it comes to sale of phots I think it should be a big part of revenue. Relaying only on hero users may be a trap as well. Revenue sources should be diversify in around 3 main pillars I think.

                                                                        and if it comes to price - I pay exactly the same for monthly Adobe subscription [I split account with a friend] as I pay for regular hero account [monthly]

                                                                        • Rafal

                                                                          If as a Hero user You can download all your pictures from portfolio (which is also a nice function) everybody can make a book using couple creators available by some labs or in the net much more cheaper. This one is way too expensive.

                                                                        • zohan

                                                                          I think a monthly fee is the best option. It could be a small fee so even students can afford. But it is a steady income and will keep this super site going.

                                                                          • Daniel Zaleski

                                                                            Very sad to hear that. I have read all the posts in this long thread but I don’t know if there is any improvement of the situation and the light at the end of the tunnel.

                                                                            I confess that after I broke my streak (second time) I have decided to delay restarting of my project for a few months as I am very very busy at the moment (moving my family, finishing the home refurbishment on the go, changing my job, helping my brother, keeping my voluntary work ...). But I always kept my monthly hero subscription going on; frankly just to motivate me to restart the project. As many other have already mentioned, my primary reason is not related to any “hero” level perks but to show my appreciation for the project and community AND to help the site to exist.

                                                                            Few ideas and comments from my side:

                                                                            1. Communication is crucial – I miss the email newsletters (even if it would be monthly email), I miss the updates on facebook profile (mid July was the last active period – not good), critical information must be clearly passed to all users. I know that this requires time / people and this means costs. Anyway, this leads to the following suggestions:

                                                                            a) Make a communication plan – how (facebook, emails, new solution of forced messages on tookapic site, etc.) and how often. And follow this plan = deliver regularly. The content doesn’t have to be extensive. Some pictures and a little bit of info – see below my suggestions.

                                                                            b) Weekly themes should be announced at least Sunday and I think facebook is good tool to inform. It was alrady done in the past, why not do it all the time? You have some 6391 followers. This could re-start some photogs (who have crashed like me) = more users = statistically greater income.

                                                                            c) Publish (regularly, i.e. on a weekly basis) selected photos – something like editor’s choice / featured / best of the best / best of the weekly theme etc. I believe it is a great incentive for anybody to see her/his work recognized and praised. This could be linked to hero level – i.e. one of the perks to motivate people to pay (I understand it would have to be balanced so that the non-paying users are not totally left out).

                                                                            2. Hero level perks and incentives – apart from 1c above this could be:

                                                                            - Mobile app - only hero level users could use all its features, limitation to be set for non paying users.

                                                                            - Web page – one of the features I really used when using 500px (when it started, before it totally lost its appeal to me some time ago) was the ability to generate your own web page (photo album), with either your own domain name or under the service domain. I believe there are many users who would really use it to showcase their work without the need to invest into the web page creation, and without any adds and even tookapic page design (just a small tookapic logo and link at the bottom of the webpage). From my point of view it would require to fill in some basic info on the photog + some profile photo (if different to the tookapic profile pic) and option to use galleries (or not if you just wish to show all pictures in one 365-gallery) + maybe some filters (like monthly galleries).

                                                                            - Contests for hero members only. E.g. a monthly contest, with some nice but not costly rewards (t-shirt?, sponsored prize, ...).

                                                                            - Tookapic hero of the month – presentation of the selected hero member in the newsletter. May some short interview, photos from his gallery, ...

                                                                            - Law of large numbers – it was here before, but we need to think how to increase number of the daily users. More users = more paying users, at some point the incomes overtake the costs. Also, with higher numbers there is higher probability that the photo sales will grow. I am still quite sure that the 1 photo a day concept means higher quality. Higher quality could mean less work for editors, but I may be totally wrong as I do not work in media and have totally no knowledge here.

                                                                            - I suppot idea of free service for some time and paid service afterwards. I do not think 30 days is enough to bind the people, I would suggest to make it hero-only after 60 or 90 days.

                                                                            3. Other possible income sources

                                                                            - Partnership with companies looking for thematic stock photos (I think you already made this offer) = make an offer to publish a photo contest with the judge being the company and reward for 1 or more winners being licensed sale. Only for hero members + provision from sales to tookapic.

                                                                            - Definitely, make the donations possible.

                                                                            I may add some more comments later on as these were just the first ideas when I read it.

                                                                            Take care and bon chance,


                                                                            P.S.: The fact that I have learned about the tookapic crisis from Bridget Braun’s facebook account tells a lot as well.

                                                                            • Paweł Kadysz

                                                                              Thank you for your support. Just two things:

                                                                              1. You actually can set up your own page with a custom design and your own domain: tookapic.com/account/...

                                                                              2. You can create galleries from your photos. See my example: tookapic.com/pawelkadysz/...

                                                                              • Basia

                                                                                As for the faceboook as the place where the weekly topic is announced, it all depends on where you look more often, I am in the morning, basically every day, not just on Monday I first look at the tookapic

                                                                                • tigg

                                                                                  And there are many people in this world, like me, that don't do Facebook. tookapic and blipfoto are the social media sites I choose to belong to.

                                                                                • agnieszka bladzik

                                                                                  i don't think is about using only Facebook, but about tookapic being visible in social media in general

                                                                                • tigg

                                                                                  I appreciate that - think I am quite unusual in my social media habits!

                                                                            • Shawn

                                                                              I became a hero last night. Sorry for taking so long!

                                                                            • Paweł Kadysz

                                                                              Just wanted to give you an update. We're now $814/mo short instead of $1500. We're going to launch a page with the progress bar visible next week. Thanks again for your support.

                                                                              We're not there yet, but we're slowly moving in the right direction.

                                                                              • vera

                                                                                I was just wondering ... the fight is not won!... We have to continue!

                                                                                • Satoshi T

                                                                                  I look tookapic.com/ranking/... and I think that many part of users who have committed here have already become Hero or SuperHero. But as @Paweł says we are still shorting $814/mo. I trust our SuperPower, but even if we do such a campaign, we still can not eliminate the deficit. I also think the fight is not finished.

                                                                              • Satoshi T

                                                                                Oh nice! We will get a rader for flight without visibility.

                                                                                • Ian Prince

                                                                                  Good idea! I guess that's a bit like being half way thru a 365 project 😉 And as some of you might know, the second 175 are not necessarily the easiest. But as we also know, not impossible 😀

                                                                                  • Nutt

                                                                                    Thanks for the update @Paweł ! And for all your work!

                                                                                    BTW, when I upgraded I tried to change from a yearly payment to a monthly one (which brings more $$ to you) but the only way I could upgrade was to stay on the same "payment" plan - yearly. While you're looking into everything else can you look into this too?

                                                                                    • Satoshi T

                                                                                      When you go tookapic.com/account/... page, can't you find pull-down menu for "Upgrade, downgrade or cancel"?

                                                                                    • Nutt

                                                                                      Yes, but all my problems with the upgrade in the first place were when I tried to upgrade from H (yearly) to SH (monthly). I could (and can) only upgrade H (yearly) to SH (yearly). If you see what I mean....

                                                                                    • Satoshi T

                                                                                      Ah, it is not whether the item will appear in the menu, but the H-y to SH-m you select can not be valid. @Paweł We can not change Annual to Monthly Subscription?

                                                                                • Aga Ka

                                                                                  I still think tookapic should not be free. I am not expert in this, I just keep thinking (maybe I am wrong) that promoting tookapic and getting much more users still might not solve the problem. The numbers of users will grow, but I fear there will be always the situation when there will be to many users who don't pay compared to hero users. And even if this situation will not be always the case there will be the risk of it. At some point people who committed to tookapic might want to know that the project is save, if you know what I mean. At te moment we are trying to ask more from people who already financially commit to tookapic. I don't mind, if I could give more at the moment, I would. But what about making everyone responsible, instead of putting more responsibility on people who already pay? What about living monthly payments as it is now, and those who pay that fee will be indeed (like now) hero users/super hero users...but instead of creating more ways for people to donate you would make a regular payment that everyone needs to pay, but it will be less expensive than the hero/super hero fee? So everyone would need to pay 2 or 3 euro a month (for example) to use tookapic (2 -3 months free is a good idea in my opinion). New display around our profile pics would not be needed - everyone who uses tookapic pays for it. And then there are people who are paying monthly fee as it is now - those are tookapic heros/superheros. Just like now. And maybe switching between regular and hero should be possible on monthly basis? So for example I pay regular fee and I see I could give more this month so I do. Or the other way around, I stick with hero account but when I see I am really low on cash this month I pay the minimum. Now, before I publish this comment I need to say this: I apologize if first part of my comment sounds harsh. I do not mean to insult anyone. It's just that: 1. I am kind of a person who says things bluntly. 2. English is not my first language, so it might sound rougher than when I would say this in polish. 3. I apologize if this was already said and I am repeating someone. I did follow this thread but I might forget some comments, nothing personal.

                                                                                  • Paweł Kadysz

                                                                                    Thank you for the feedback. Here's the case. If we make tookapic a paid-only website (even if it only costs $3/mo) the number of users will drop significantly - look at it now, only 20% of the daily users commited to help save the site.

                                                                                    It should not be a problem to get sponsors or partners (like photo gear brands) to pay for exposure on tookapic. This would let us keep the site free. But we're too small of a community right now to grab any of those brands' interest.

                                                                                    Switching from free to paid is a whole, long process. We need new terms of use (need to book the lawyer for that), change a lot in the site's "engine", update mobile apps to work with new, paid tookapic, change the site's design so it clearly says it's a paid community. It all takes time and money (which we don't have obviously). We can't do it overnight.

                                                                                    At a first glance it's a hopeless situation. A dead end. And who knows - maybe it is. But I'm doing my best to get out of this as soon as possible.

                                                                                    • Aga Ka

                                                                                      Thank you for your answer @Paweł. Those are the things I did not realize would be such a pain to change, I mean I knew it would not be done with a pressing of a magic button 😉 but I did not realize they would be so hard to change.

                                                                                • Aga Ka

                                                                                  Another thing, you said once @Paweł (if I am not mistaking) that youtube content would be great. I thought at first that I could help you with that but then I realized that my work would not look as professional as yours, not even close. Then again, maybe having people (different users) sending some short videos about tookapic and their adventure with it, not in the studio, not the most professional, but normal videos would show people that tookapic is for everyone. Maybe this is the way to go, I don't know. If I can help with that, I will, you don't have to pay me anything. Even if it would be simply putting subtitles (my english should be really fine for that, most of my comments I write with 2 year old running around, I would do it much better for the video than I am doing for writing comments... no offence to anyone). I made account on minds.com posting regularly best of my photos, but lets be honest best of my photos are still really poor. I did it to collect points (minds have their own points-system). Once I got decent amount of points I thought of posting and than boosting one of your commercials (I was going to ask you @Paweł about that first of course, so let me know if you want it Pawel. Maybe I could make account for tookapic on minds.com posting photos of other users (always giving credit to the author of the photo ofc). I can run it but maybe it is just an idea you like Pawel but you still prefer someone else to do it who you trust better with choice of the pictures posted there. Or maybe, again, we should not go ONLY for the best pictures, but also for the less good ones to show that tookapic is for everyone? However, I really think that it would be best to decide the rules of payment for sure, so once tookapic get promoted even more those rules are less likely to change soon after new people would join. This is just my 2 cents, I really hope tookapic will survive. 😀

                                                                                  • Paweł Kadysz

                                                                                    We have just published #tookapichero page, where you can track the progress: tookapic.com/... - as you can see the goal is not that far away.

                                                                                    Thanks again for all the support!

                                                                                  • Chen YiZhou

                                                                                    Nice! Just changed my hero account into super hero:)

                                                                                  • Michał


                                                                                    Nie jestem w temacie co do Tookapic. Nie wchodziłem tu dawno. Ale mimo że nie korzystam z tej strony robi mi się trochę żal, że Tyle świetnych prac "zginie".

                                                                                    Myślałeś o Patronite? Zbiórki Crowdfundingowe, kolejne reklamy? Możliwości parę jest. Osobiście pierwszy raz o stronie dowiedziałem się z grupy dla Amatorów Fotografii. Może tam się jeszcze po reklamować? Sponsorzy?

                                                                                    Trzymam kciuki, jak byś miał jakiś pomysł, napisz - Będziemy mogli pomyśleć nad tym we dwóch ;]

                                                                                  • Aga Ka

                                                                                    My husband will also boost tookapic commercial on minds 😀 and I will have decent amount of points in a few days. I know it's not solving the problem, but it will promote tookapic a bit.

                                                                                    • Romain

                                                                                      There should be a possibility to donate the money about the photo sales... This should be easy to do it with a DONATE button at the Sales menu....

                                                                                      It's maybe a small fee... but every little bit should help, I think....

                                                                                      • Kazziz

                                                                                        You can always buy, for ex., ten favourite stock photos.

                                                                                        • Satoshi T

                                                                                          If you subscribe to StockPhoto, your expenditure will not change even if you do not download one sheet or 1000 sheets. On the other hand, Tookapic's revenue decreases as more you download many StockPhotos though photographer's motivation will rise.

                                                                                    • Paweł Kadysz

                                                                                      Yeah, well... Did the math again today. Doesn't look good We're still missing:

                                                                                      - either 220 new Heroes

                                                                                      - or 65 new Super Heroes

                                                                                      - or 52 new monthly Stock Subscribers

                                                                                      - or a mix of those.

                                                                                      And that's even with my salary still being $0. I will try one last thing. One last desperate stunt.

                                                                                        • Kamil Kaczor

                                                                                          Eh... We belive in you @Paweł

                                                                                          Is it will be paid-only model?

                                                                                          • Satoshi T

                                                                                            Two months ago, you said that we need another 160 heroes or 50 super heroes 🤔... Frankly, subscribers have not increased, but rather those who once became hero for temporary help have declined😟 ? If the sponsorship agreement does not progress well, should all change to paid-only model?

                                                                                            • Paweł Kadysz

                                                                                              Yeah, many of those who subscribed 2 months ago, cancelled the subscription the next month. Also, this time I did the calculations more accurate, including payment processing fee, and few other things.

                                                                                          • Bolesław

                                                                                            I'll buy a photo book once finishing 1st year of the project at the end of this year. May not be the only one considering this. Although not sure if it makes a difference and if not too late.

                                                                                            • Magda

                                                                                              Łatwiej mi będzie pisać po polsku.

                                                                                              Zauważyłam, że na Facebook mało się dzieje. Może warto publikować tam częściej? Promować zdjęcia/osoby, podobnie jak na Instagramie? Fan Page obserwuje prawie 6500osób, przy częstym wrzucaniu postów, jestem pewna, że ta liczba się zwiększy. Dzięki temu może nas być więcej na Tookapic.

                                                                                              Niedługo znów Nowy Rok. Nowy Rok = nowe postanowienia. Wykorzystajmy tę szansę maksymalnie 😀

                                                                                              Ps. Gdybyś potrzebował kogoś do ogarniania FB, mogę pomóc 😀

                                                                                              • agnieszka bladzik

                                                                                                tez juz sie zglaszalam w innym watku, ale jakos bez odzewu, przez chwile nawet ktos tam znowu cos publikowal z okazji urodzin, moze temu, ale teraz cisza

                                                                                              • Magda

                                                                                                O, gdzieś musiałam przeoczyć. Niemniej jednak jestem chętna do pomocy.

                                                                                                FB to narzędzie do darmowej reklamy. Szkoda, że nic tam się nie dzieje...

                                                                                              • Łukasz Brożek

                                                                                                Na twittera ostatnio nie zaglądam, ale widzę, że tam są udostępniane różne linki.

                                                                                                Może warto byłoby udostępniać to samo na FB albo przynajmniej te same zdjęcia co są na Instagramie Tookapic?

                                                                                              • Magda Ko

                                                                                                Oj nie tylko nie te same, to będzie powielanie. Ja osobiście obserwuję osóby na Insta i widzę sporo zdjęć na Tookapic, potem te same na insta a często jeszcze repost na Tookapicapp. Na FB mógłby być pomysł np. Pic of the day, albo Featured (tu jest mniejsza regularność) więc można by dołożyć zapowiedź tematu tygodnia, albo galerie tematyczne związane z sezonowością (Halloween, pierwszy śnieg, etc.)

                                                                                              • agnieszka bladzik

                                                                                                tak jest te same nie 😄

                                                                                              • Łukasz Brożek

                                                                                                Oczywiście lepiej by było jakby była unikatowa zawartość na FB.

                                                                                                Trochę nie jasno napisałem, a miałem na myśli, że lepiej byłoby udostępniać nawet to samo co na Instagramie niż nie udostępniać nic. 😛

                                                                                              • agnieszka bladzik

                                                                                                jeszcze raz to przypomne, bo ostatnio nic a nic sie nie dzieje na FB

                                                                                          • Brenda Griffith

                                                                                            @Paweł I just tried to upgrade to Super Hero and got an error on the page. Is there a known issue? What about adding more products? It would be really nice to be able to give notecards, calendars, and photo books (just to name a few) as Christmas gifts. Would any of these options boost your bottom line? They'd need to go up fast...

                                                                                            • Paweł Kadysz

                                                                                              It does make absolutely perfect sense once we get to some point of recurring revenue. Prototyping a new product, finding someone who will make it and ship it however takes a lot of time and work - which is not what I want to spend right now.

                                                                                            • Gosia

                                                                                              Here's an idea. Show people the world without tookapic. Turn off the site for one day. Just leave a page saying: "tookapic is dying". With information how can you help. It's dramatic, I admit. But visiting tookapic everyday is the key experience for me. Let the people feel the loss, for real.

                                                                                            • ponzu

                                                                                              I am still posting to Tookapic, but I have to admit I have been slightly depressed since this topic was last updated by Pawel, and I have stopped telling friends to join.

                                                                                              Are there any news? Good news preferably?

                                                                                              • Paweł Kadysz

                                                                                                Well, if the growth stops now, we'll be doomed. The end. What we need now is people. People who upgrade.

                                                                                                • Dan Mundy

                                                                                                  I signed up for yearly membership a few days ago, before stumbling across this thread... Is this statement still true? ("if the growth stops now, we'll be doomed")

                                                                                                  Or are things looking up since the "tookapic will no longer be free" news? I'd love to stick around, am enjoying it here so far, but really need to know that the site will be around for at least the next 365 days...

                                                                                                  Otherwise I'm considering double-posting to another service just in case this one disappears.. I'd hate to get half way through a 365 project, posting photos daily, and then have to move it all somewhere else, where I'd either start again from scratch or drop 180 backlog-photos all in one hit.



                                                                                                • Marcin


                                                                                                  You are fine.

                                                                                                  The payment requirement was considered as last option at the moment, when this thread started. Now your membership assures you that you will keep your account and helps Tookapic in constant improvement.

                                                                                                  Either way, if your subscription expires, you can still download all your photos.

                                                                                                  I am not a Tookapic representative or anything, but most of the people will agree with me if I say:

                                                                                                  We are happy to have you here! Good luck with the project and enjoy every day spent here!

                                                                                                • Dan Mundy

                                                                                                  Thanks Marcin, happy to be here 😀

                                                                                                  I'm not worried about losing photos if my subscription expires, I've got the originals in Lightroom anyway. My worry was that Tookapic goes offline before I can complete the project and I won't have a home any more.

                                                                                                  If the fact that it's no longer free, means that it's definitely not going to disappear, that's perfect 😀 I actually didn't realise that it used to be free before signing up, I was willing to pay from the start, it's a service worth paying for.



                                                                                            • Jemma Photography

                                                                                              start selling something else? Themes for websites? photographer packages - downloads for training, photographer themed Wordpress themes? whip together some freebie downloads that lead others to purchase paid downloads?

                                                                                              join Facebook groups in the UK and start hammering the groups advertising the site, there are so many togs thats don't know where to go for this sort of thing from what I've read. I got it from someone else who posted in a group and then another 10 togs commented saying what a good site! I'm sure a little share and love will get more on board...

                                                                                              • Mika Ichimura

                                                                                                I'm not sure if this idea has already been said, but maybe make it possible to buy prints of the entries and that a fee will go to keep the site up. Or extra things if you're member like if you missed a day you can upload two the day after so you will still have the possibility of having 365 photos by the end of the challenge?

                                                                                                • Paweł Kadysz

                                                                                                  We had the option to buy prints, noone was interested. As for the second idea - you don’t have to upload every day. You just need to take photos ever day. You can upload 7 pics once a week, 30 once a month or whatever works best for you.

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